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Posts tagged ‘waragi’

  • 50 reasons why I love Uganda

    Oct 6, 12 • 42381 views 61 comments

    As one of the shiny new fighter jets flies over my house, no doubt practising for this Tuesday’s independence day fly-past, I’m mulling over the week-end papers, full of stories about Uganda@50 and what the last 50 years of independence...

  • Waragi dreams on the River Nile at Jinja

    Mar 25, 12 • 4763 views 6 comments

    The bed next to mine hasn’t been slept in and I reach through a Uganda Waragi haze for my phone, stashed away in the metal trunk under the bed at Nile River Explorers Camp. “Hope you’re ok? Or do I need to pull you out of a ditch / jail...

  • Kampala to Nairobi – 14 hours of speed bumps

    Sep 30, 11 • 16221 views 13 comments

    It was a terrible night’s sleep – a 14 hour bus journey from Kampala to Nairobi: I awoke cold, cold and achey. The speed bumps shuddered us awake every few minutes. I swear I woke a hundred times. A few glasses of Waragi (it was my birthday...

  • Kampala to Jinja relay – the sugar cane Hash

    Aug 9, 10 • 5633 views 10 comments

    Map of the Kampala Jinja relay route that gives the quite correct impression that 1) there were indeed lots of hills and 2) our collective blood pressure would rise and fall like the proverbial yo-yo, ending in a slump by the Nile. They came from...

  • How do you catch a house gecko?

    Nov 10, 09 • 1934 views No Comments

    The house gecko living in my bathroom is getting fatter and fatter by the day. My nice white walls are peppered with little black droppings. There’s no way Mr Gecko will fit back through the thin gap by the window frame. His greed for...