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Posts tagged ‘volunteering’

  • The call of the Wild

    Apr 3, 11 • 2000 views 1 comment

    I feel in limbo today. I’m waiting for friends to come back, I’m waiting for them to go, I’m waiting to get better, I’m waiting for a call. I should be promoting the new blog but I’ve run out of steam. The three day week feels more like a...

  • Early morning sights and sounds

    Feb 4, 11 • 3665 views 7 comments

    A parrot just flew overhead, its unmistakeable call heralding fun. It’s a misty morning but you can tell it’s going to be a bright day. As we walk up Muyenga Hill, a glimpse of Lake Victoria in the distance never fails to lift my spirits. It...

  • Erection* fever

    Feb 1, 11 • 3782 views 2 comments

    Every monday evening I run through the slums and wetlands of Kampala, through the traffic or across the golf course, in and through the lives of thousands of Ugandans along with 150 fellow Hashers. Dr Ian Clarke, founder of Kampala’s...

  • Modelling condoms on World AIDS Day

    Dec 1, 10 • 2881 views 2 comments

    To commemorate the significance of World AIDS Day, this week Kampala Hash House Harriers baptised me … “Used Condom.” SIGH … as the momentum to give me my ‘Hash Handle’ grew over the last few weeks, so I sought the shadows of the weekly...

  • Power off – who gives a dam(n)?

    Oct 25, 10 • 2131 views 2 comments

    What is it with Sundays? Some texts go through, others don’t. And this week-end MTN are charging me twice for every SMS. I refuse to phone unless it’s an emergency! Phone calls are extortionate (but a change of providers might help). The radio...

  • Choking through the potholes of Kampala

    Oct 9, 10 • 3277 views 4 comments

    Traffic around Kampala is notorious and getting worse. It’s quite common to turn your engine off as you sit still for 10 minutes or more. Yesterday it took us an hour and a half to drive 3 kilometres / 2 miles, bumper to bumper, in and out of...

  • A birding safari here in my backyard

    Sep 28, 10 • 8203 views 5 comments

    “Up with the lark” last Sunday for a spot of birdwatching with Roger and Jean. (Strangely, the lark was one of the few birds we didn’t see!) What a fantastic way to wile away a few hours. Roger volunteers with Nature Uganda and gets...

  • Jinja Jan and a sneak preview of an amazing new lodge

    Aug 31, 10 • 3287 views 8 comments

    My finances had dried up and I wasn’t looking forward to staying in all week-end with only 10,000 shillings (£3) to survive on until payday this week. After only 3 sessions, the English conversation class I’ve been giving has been put on hold....

  • A lazy week-end in Kampala marked 18 months in-country

    Aug 24, 10 • 1867 views 2 comments

    Another hangover, another powercut, o yes it must be Sunday morning … the dog’s lying on the floor by the front door staring at me, reminding me it’s time for his morning walk. Working from home has made me lazy – it’s hard to believe...

  • Driving us potty!

    Aug 8, 10 • 2703 views 4 comments

    I missed seeing this great photo when it was on TV recently (it took me 18 months – and a man – to work out I have more than four channels!) Residents in the Ugandan capital Kampala have been protesting against the state of the roads by...