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Posts tagged ‘UWA’

  • #RwenzoriDiary week 5 – A steamy adventure. Sempaya Springs, Semliki

    Jul 23, 17 • 806 views No Comments

    Welcome to week 5 of my #RwenzoriDiary. The series started here … I’m now back in Kampala and getting stuck into the marketing strategy for the Rwenzoris region. I’m totally smitten by this fabulous and diverse part of Uganda:...

  • Stirring up magic at the Devil’s Cauldron, Murchison Falls

    May 6, 17 • 1598 views 7 comments

    Top of the Falls, Murchison Falls National Park There is an inevitability about the constant flow of the River Nile that I find quite overwhelming. I find myself imagining the distance this water has travelled. Day and night, night and day, for tens...

  • Why I love elephant dung!

    Sep 15, 12 • 12742 views 24 comments

    You might not believe it but it was elephants – or what comes out of the back end of them – that first brought me to Uganda. Colleagues back in London laughed out loud when I told them about the first project that the Uganda Conservation...

  • How to feed a baby elephant

    Aug 5, 12 • 5962 views 9 comments

    Last week I told you the tragic story about the increase in elephant poaching and how Baby Charles came to UWEC. But despite his sad start in life, he’s a very happy little elephant, bringing heaps of fun to anyone who gets a chance to see him...

  • Anti-poaching: the answer’s in the gumboots!

    Mar 14, 10 • 2732 views 6 comments

    Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers will soon, for the first time ever, have a permanent base in the Dura sector, an area of 400km² north of Lake George in Queen Elizabeth National Park, thanks to the Uganda Conservation Foundation, the organization...

  • Off to the field

    Jun 30, 09 • 3713 views 11 comments

    Tuesday night is market night and the drums are playing loud on the other side of the compound wall, just a few metres away. From here you can feel the city growing as we hear hammering and banging as the shanty town next to the railway line...