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Posts tagged ‘Uganda’

  • Six weeks to go!

    Jan 14, 09 • 1470 views 1 comment

    Six weeks to go and I’ve started packing!! Rob has confirmed he will take on my flat for two years. What a relief! Very first thing in bag is the Union Jack, a spontaneous £2 purchase at Lillywhites yesterday. “You never know when you might...

  • Point of no return!

    Jan 8, 09 • 1143 views No Comments

    Handed in notice! GULP! But my boss was really cool about it. As planned, we had the end of year appraisal and when she asked “is there anything else you’d like to discuss?” I said I was giving in my notice as I’m off to...

  • Calm before the storm

    Jan 5, 09 • 1150 views No Comments

    These last two weeks have been great ‘the calm before the storm’ I reckon! Christmas was very relaxing, ‘traditionally English’ (church bells, lots of cosy log fires, snow the day I left the Cotswolds to come back to London)...

  • Welcome! How this blog works … (I think!)

    Dec 22, 08 • 1930 views 3 comments

    Hi All I’m just learning the ropes here with Blogging but thought you might be interested in hearing about my journey ‘pre-departure’. It’s been a fascinating ride so far, thanks to four days intensive training with VSO (getting us to think...

  • Why Kampala?

    Dec 18, 08 • 3961 views 5 comments

    Well I couldn’t say exactly when I started on this journey …. several lifetimes ago it seems … but I applied to VSO Voluntary Services Overseas a year ago, had my assessment day 3 months later and was offered my third placement...