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Posts tagged ‘Travel’

  • Have you travelled the Lunatic Express?

    May 7, 16 • 10201 views 27 comments

    More ‘lunatic’ than ‘express’… Lunatic Express train Nairobi to Mombasa, Kenya: survival tips, how to book tickets, East Africa’s railway history, Tsavo’s man-eating lions. This is the muzungu’s...

  • How to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – Tales of a Novice Climber

    Oct 7, 14 • 4556 views 2 comments

    How to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on your ‘travel bucket list’? I love hiking, but there’s a lot more to it than just being fit, as the Muzungu found out when I climbed (the comparatively low!) Mt. Elgon in Uganda....

  • Messing about on the river

    Mar 25, 14 • 7763 views 8 comments

    Jinja accommodation at The Haven A cursory look at The Haven’s visitor’s book tells it all: full of compliments from first time, second time – even ninth time! – visitors. Just outside Jinja, The Haven’s accommodation and camping...

  • Crossing continents – the Muzungu’s Istanbul city tour

    Feb 23, 14 • 5265 views 2 comments

    Crossing continents – the Muzungu’s Istanbul city tour The Muzungu loves to explore new places on her own but this time top of things to do in Istanbul was: a personal Istanbul tour guide! Istanbul’s most popular city tour takes in...

  • Turkish Delightful – the restaurant in the sky

    Feb 23, 14 • 3289 views 1 comment

    How to fly from Uganda to London – fly via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines! Flying with a national carrier gives you an insight into a new culture. On my Turkish Airlines flight to London via Istanbul, staff passed down the aisles sharing a...

  • Safari to the centre of the solar system – can you eclipse that?

    Dec 6, 13 • 10695 views 4 comments

    Safari to the centre of the solar system – can you eclipse that? The Muzungu simply couldn’t pass on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a Hybrid Solar Eclipse in Uganda.   I’m not usually stuck for words, but even now I’m...

  • Were Toto right about Africa?

    Sep 1, 13 • 6354 views 12 comments

    Were Toto right about Africa? Had they even visited Africa? It’s been ages since I published a blog, hasn’t it Dearest Reader? Travel, IT problems, work commitments, the death of my beloved Baldrick – and plain old exhaustion – have...

  • BINGO! Rwanda’s Kwita Izina, gorilla naming ceremony

    Aug 16, 13 • 7224 views 7 comments

    It was with great excitement that I travelled to Rwanda to attend the Kwita Izina gorilla naming ceremony. This event is strictly by invitation only so the Muzungu was honoured to be invited by the Rwanda Development Board, thanks to my friends at...

  • On my knees again: an audience with the Bunyoro King

    Jun 16, 13 • 8303 views 14 comments

    Bunyoro Kingdom – Empango Celebrations inauguration run, Hoima, Uganda De Muzungu’s developed a taste for hanging out with Ugandan Royals recently, so when I heard Kampala Hash House Harriers – the Hash – were (dis)organising...

  • A wedding fit for the King

    May 18, 13 • 9750 views 2 comments

    There was an explosion of noise as the Kabaka arrived for Prince David Wasajja’s wedding at Rubaga Cathedral, Kampala. It’s not every day (week / month / lifetime) that you get an invitation to a Royal Wedding, so what’s a girl to...