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Posts tagged ‘travel tips’

  • How to avoid Malaria

    Jul 6, 13 • 15643 views 3 comments

    How to avoid Malaria When I was a VSO volunteer, I was given a whole list of vaccinations (15 injections in total!) and a free supply of anti-Malarials, in the belief it was cheaper to medicate me than to repatriate me! I took the anti-Malarials...

  • How to ride a boda boda

    Jun 6, 13 • 4608 views 6 comments

    Riding a boda boda (motorbike) is all part of the Ugandan experience, but play it safe and minimise the risks. Early morning boda boda ride from Upper Konge in Kampala. In  Uganda, you are never far from the village… although I lived just a...

  • The First Fortnight (is that all it is…?)

    Mar 8, 09 • 2193 views 2 comments

    Random notes from the Muzungu’s Diary First night under a mosquito net and I thought of Holly in Johannesburg, tucking hers in around her every night. Holly and I were flatmates in London many moons ago, she did VSO too. Monkeys! Before...