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Posts tagged ‘travel tips’

  • NOW LIVE: apply for Ugandan tourist visas online

    Jul 1, 16 • 7793 views 48 comments

    All Ugandan tourist visas are now online. Apply BEFORE you travel! (Update from Kampala, Uganda, effective July 1, 2016). The Ministry of Internal Affairs is implementing a new online electronic visa application system. This is mandatory for...

  • What is the East Africa Tourist Visa? A definitive guide

    May 27, 16 • 6657 views 23 comments

    What is the East Africa Tourist Visa? Your questions answered… The idea of a single regional East Africa Tourist Visa is to make it easier and more financially attractive for tourists to visit the whole region. You should be able to visit...

  • Kampala City Festival – Tips for enjoying the Festival

    Oct 3, 15 • 5140 views 13 comments

    Are you going to Kampala City Festival Sunday 2nd October 2016? This is the Muzungu’s story from a previous year. I had a blast! Scroll down to the bottom of this page for the Muzungu’s tips on how to enjoy the Kampala City Festival!...

  • How to climb Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains – trekking Margherita Peak

    May 30, 15 • 11145 views 14 comments

    Are you thinking of climbing Margherita Peak or trekking the Rwenzori Mountains? Then read this first! Welcome to Diary of a Muzungu! This week’s guest post is by Jane Goldring, with photos for this story kindly provided by her husband and...

  • “Eating fish” on Lake Victoria – the Muzungu’s guide

    Apr 4, 15 • 9406 views 22 comments

    “Eating fish” on Lake Victoria – the Muzungu’s guide Regular readers of Diary of a Muzungu will know how much I enjoy venturing off the beaten track and sharing my favourite Uganda travel experiences. Here is my Guide to eating fish,...

  • The distant Volcanoes of Mgahinga

    Mar 14, 14 • 5701 views 9 comments

    Mount Gahinga Lodge, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park “Mgahinga is my favourite place in the whole of Uganda!” my friend Julia told me once, yet I’m amazed at how few people talk about the place: I fell for Mgahinga too! It’s perfect for...

  • Turkish Delightful – the restaurant in the sky

    Feb 23, 14 • 3141 views 1 comment

    How to fly from Uganda to London – fly via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines! Flying with a national carrier gives you an insight into a new culture. On my Turkish Airlines flight to London via Istanbul, staff passed down the aisles sharing a...

  • How to date a Ugandan

    Aug 6, 13 • 14554 views 12 comments

    A blog post about dating in Uganda will not suffice. This material fills at least one book! Ugandan men can be handsome and very charming. They know how to tell women what we want to hear. Delivery of promises is an altogether different issue!...

  • How to take your dog from Uganda to the UK

    Jul 31, 13 • 3941 views 3 comments

    How to take your dog to the UK from Uganda This is a guide to taking your dog from Uganda to the UK, based on the personal experience of Adelaine Williams, an expat resident in Uganda. Much of this information will be relevant to international pet...

  • How to avoid Bilharzia

    Jul 24, 13 • 8492 views 3 comments

    You won’t always get Bilharzia if you swim in Lake Victoria and, if you do, it may take weeks, months or even twenty years for you to show symptoms. Bilharzia (also known as Schistosomiasis or snail fever) can be horrible. You will feel under the...