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Posts tagged ‘travel health’

  • Beware the Travellers’ Health Book! Tropical disease diary

    Aug 23, 16 • 4380 views 4 comments

    Beware the Travellers’ Health Book! Tropical disease diary – Uganda travel health advice from the muzungu Or … “How not to do it” This month I have been bitten by Mango Flies and a spider. I have had Malaria and...

  • How to avoid Bilharzia

    Jul 24, 13 • 13857 views 4 comments

    You won’t always get Bilharzia if you swim in Lake Victoria and, if you do, it may take weeks, months or even twenty years for you to show symptoms. Bilharzia (also known as Schistosomiasis or snail fever) can be horrible. You will feel under the...

  • How to avoid Malaria

    Jul 6, 13 • 19969 views 6 comments

    How to avoid Malaria When I was a VSO volunteer, I was given a whole list of vaccinations (15 injections in total!) and a free supply of anti-Malarials, in the belief it was cheaper to medicate me than to repatriate me! I took the anti-Malarials...

  • Advice from Nursie…

    Jan 30, 09 • 1716 views 1 comment

    First day on training course, focusing on health and security, and not sure whether it was nerves or excitement but when I was asked to introduce myself to the group, my mind went blank! I couldn’t remember where I’m going!! A few...