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Posts tagged ‘politics’

  • Mandela and Me. A homage to Nelson Mandela

    Dec 7, 14 • 8887 views 4 comments

    Mandela and Me. A homage to Nelson Mandela This time last year, I was too sick with Malaria to pay homage to Nelson Mandela. Crying over his obituaries made me feel even more sorry for myself – but I owe Mandela so much. South Africa...

  • #UgandaisnotSpain – first published in 2012

    Jun 17, 12 • 3596 views 5 comments

    #UgandaisnotSpain Er … we knew that. The American showman, entertainer and sometime scam artist, Phineas Taylor Barnum (1810 – 1891) was remembered for founding his famous circus and for a number of well-known sayings, such as...