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Posts tagged ‘Namuwongo’

  • A birding safari here in my backyard

    Sep 28, 10 • 8204 views 5 comments

    “Up with the lark” last Sunday for a spot of birdwatching with Roger and Jean. (Strangely, the lark was one of the few birds we didn’t see!) What a fantastic way to wile away a few hours. Roger volunteers with Nature Uganda and gets...

  • Fun and games at the ballot box

    Sep 5, 10 • 1454 views No Comments

    If “the path to true love isn’t always smooth”, how about the path to democracy? Ugandans would like to say they live in a democracy but if the last week’s events are anything to go by, the country’s not there yet. I...

  • Cholera outbreak in Nam’

    Oct 8, 09 • 6356 views 9 comments

    It’s been raining heavily all day. The gutter is falling off the front of the house (not that the landlord cares) and Eva has a poloneck jumper on “It’s so COLD!” she says, while I sit here in the same light clothes and sandals I always...

  • Week 2 in Nam’ – My new home

    Mar 6, 09 • 2646 views 5 comments

    Namuwongo is just what I wanted. I’m on a secure ‘compound’ (walled garden), five minutes walk from Nam’ (a suburb of Kampala approx 15-30 minutes away, depending on traffic). In Nam’ I can get public transport, use the internet...

  • First days in Nam’ – a lesson in Luganda

    Mar 1, 09 • 2303 views 3 comments

    Talk about “Deepest Darkest Africa!!” No electricity (or therefore hot water or internet) for first three nights. Cooked and showered by candlelight (it’s dark here by 7 pm) and no chance to unpack first night, So wondered round in the...

  • My new pad in Namuwongo

    Jan 22, 09 • 2207 views 3 comments

    My new house has a garden! Really excited about this tho whether it’s what we’d call a garden or concrete yard or bare earth or dog’s toilet or what I have no idea but will take my gardening gloves and a few packets of seeds just...