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Posts tagged ‘Nairobi’

  • Nairobi National Park. The muzungu’s first city safari!

    Apr 17, 17 • 3012 views 4 comments

    A city safari in Nairobi National Park. An early morning game drive to match any safari in the bush! It seemed weird to leave our four-star city hotel and drive through commuter traffic for an early morning safari. Usually, it’s a question of...

  • MASH-tastic! The muzungu’s bus tips from Kampala to Nairobi

    Oct 17, 16 • 20769 views 34 comments

    Taking the bus between Kampala and Nairobi? Try MASH! The brilliant East Africa Tourist Visa and Interstate Pass mean that travel between Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda is easier than ever for nationals and has become easier and cheaper for tourists and...

  • Do you stop the car in Nairobi?

    Mar 17, 12 • 3421 views 4 comments

    “Stop the car,” says Jane. “Take me back to the airport.” It’s 11 pm. After an uneventful flight – save for the mother who let her (very obviously distressed) 4 year old son bawl for 20 minutes, we land in Nairobi. We’re last on the...

  • Kampala to Nairobi – 14 hours of speed bumps

    Sep 30, 11 • 16221 views 13 comments

    It was a terrible night’s sleep – a 14 hour bus journey from Kampala to Nairobi: I awoke cold, cold and achey. The speed bumps shuddered us awake every few minutes. I swear I woke a hundred times. A few glasses of Waragi (it was my birthday...