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Posts tagged ‘Malaria’

  • Mandela and Me. A homage to Nelson Mandela

    Dec 7, 14 • 8869 views 4 comments

    Mandela and Me. A homage to Nelson Mandela This time last year, I was too sick with Malaria to pay homage to Nelson Mandela. Crying over his obituaries made me feel even more sorry for myself – but I owe Mandela so much. South Africa...

  • How to avoid Malaria

    Jul 6, 13 • 19969 views 6 comments

    How to avoid Malaria When I was a VSO volunteer, I was given a whole list of vaccinations (15 injections in total!) and a free supply of anti-Malarials, in the belief it was cheaper to medicate me than to repatriate me! I took the anti-Malarials...

  • Ethiopia calling me – from my sickbed

    May 2, 11 • 14582 views 7 comments

    Two days before I fly to Ethiopia, and I’m lying in bed with a temperature. I’ve a bed in Addis Ababa and someone to pick me up to the airport – but I still haven’t got a plane ticket. Some mix-up at the bank. My debit card was...

  • Lest you think I’m just sunbathing in paradise

    Apr 17, 11 • 2976 views 7 comments

    Getting this far is a blog post in itself – if you’re interested in things technical…? Here in Uganda, I’ve had even more IT issues than normal. This w/end, putting in even longer hours than during the working week, I seriously had to...

  • The emotional rollercoaster continues

    Aug 24, 10 • 1342 views No Comments

    The emotional rollercoaster continues. I wonder, at 18 months in-country, where I am on “the VSO scale”? (a big U shaped diagram that charts how VSOs tend to feel as we plan, arrive and live our placements in a foreign land). T made me float on...