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Posts tagged ‘Kampala’

  • Prizes for my “indigenous mix”

    Nov 21, 09 • 2361 views 2 comments

    Baldrick, star of the USPCA Dog Show! From the gutter to the Kabira Club, what a true star my mutt Baldrick is. And what a fantastic advert for the work of the USPCA, the Uganda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Found as a pup...

  • “The cheque’s in the post ….” apparently

    Sep 27, 09 • 11260 views 13 comments

    How you deal with a trip to Kampala Road Post Office is a good indicator of how you’re getting to grips with life in Uganda. Off to the Post Office in the morning to see whether I have any birthday cards (29th September). I have absolutely no...

  • A day in the life … species by species

    Aug 23, 09 • 3063 views 4 comments

    “Greetings!” as we say in Uganda. We may not have the same change of seasons here as in Europe but the insects and other animal species don’t know that! They come and go in phases. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly you’ll...

  • Grasshoppers – nsenene: eat them or smoke them? Discuss.

    Jun 10, 09 • 7882 views 11 comments

    Grasshoppers / nsenene – will you eat them or smoke them? A storm had been brewing since an intensely hot morning and a few drops of rain spattered onto my new umbrella as I walked out of the Buganda Road restaurant. Little did I know what I...

  • Week 2 in Nam’ – My new home

    Mar 6, 09 • 2647 views 5 comments

    Namuwongo is just what I wanted. I’m on a secure ‘compound’ (walled garden), five minutes walk from Nam’ (a suburb of Kampala approx 15-30 minutes away, depending on traffic). In Nam’ I can get public transport, use the internet...

  • Touchdown in Africa – a letter home

    Feb 24, 09 • 4368 views 8 comments

    Am writing from a really grubby internet cafe on the main road outside Kampala. We took a half hour walk thru the village to get here, all the kids shouting ‘Mzungu mzungu, bye!’ and waving at us. It was great fun. Poverty is everywhere...

  • My new pad in Namuwongo

    Jan 22, 09 • 2208 views 3 comments

    My new house has a garden! Really excited about this tho whether it’s what we’d call a garden or concrete yard or bare earth or dog’s toilet or what I have no idea but will take my gardening gloves and a few packets of seeds just...

  • Welcome! How this blog works … (I think!)

    Dec 22, 08 • 2238 views 3 comments

    Hi All I’m just learning the ropes here with Blogging but thought you might be interested in hearing about my journey ‘pre-departure’. It’s been a fascinating ride so far, thanks to four days intensive training with VSO (getting us to think...