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Posts tagged ‘Kampala’

  • High wire hijinks – are you up for a Lakeside Adventure?

    Nov 29, 14 • 8421 views 5 comments

    High wire fun at Lakeside Adventure Park Lakeside Adventure Park is unique: there is nowhere quite like it in Uganda. The park offers state-of-the-art adventure and climbing activities, with a highly professional support team in a peaceful setting...

  • My journey to Uganda: First Impressions

    Nov 16, 14 • 4872 views 4 comments

    Welcome to Diary of a Muzungu! This week’s guest post is by Angela Dempsey, who was so captivated by her first impressions of Uganda that she contacted me to ask if she could share her experience. Here it is. I felt a tension, a feeling of...

  • Why do I Blog? 10 Surprising Life Lessons from a Self-Confessed Blogaholic

    Oct 17, 14 • 12422 views 23 comments

    Why do I blog? 10 Surprising Life Lessons from a Self-Confessed Blogaholic 1. Blogging is my friend. 2. Blogging is my creative outlet. 3. Blogging is my personal space when things in my life don’t work out the way I want them to. 4. Blogging =...

  • KLA ART 014 – “Unmapped” – Kampala Contemporary Art Festival

    Oct 4, 14 • 4965 views 2 comments

    “Unmapped” – Who are the unheard voices of our cities? KLA ART 014, Kampala Contemporary Art Festival This year Kampala residents are being treated to a wide range of original African art: August’s Kampala Art Biennale has been a...

  • Kampala Art Biennale – what’s it all about?

    Jul 27, 14 • 5280 views 2 comments

    About the Kampala Art Biennale Kampala is a dynamic city, bursting with talent. I love this city. Throughout August this year, Kampala Art Biennale is a showcase of contemporary art from Africa with the goal to expose, educate and create debate...

  • All roads lead to Namugongo

    May 29, 14 • 8700 views 6 comments

    Commemorating the Uganda Martyrs. How did the muzungu end up in Namugongo? It always makes me laugh: the unexpected things I end up getting involved in Uganda, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when John Ssempebwa, the Deputy Executive Director...

  • Shake your kabina! A musical, dancing tour of Uganda

    Jan 25, 14 • 11045 views 11 comments

    The Culture of Uganda – in rhythm and dance Tick-tick-tick goes the bamboo on the calabash. Sh-sh-sh-shake the seeds in the gourd. Thump-thump-thump thuds the stick on the taut hide of the drum. The early evening air in the Ndere...

  • Interview with a rebel: Ugandan cultural activist Stephen Rwangyezi

    Jan 20, 14 • 9071 views 4 comments

    Interview with a rebel: Ugandan cultural activist Stephen Rwangyezi Stephen Rwangyezi is a fantastic storyteller with a compelling stage presence. What is more, he is a living, breathing – dancing! – Encyclopaedia of Ugandan culture. In...

  • Were Toto right about Africa?

    Sep 1, 13 • 7179 views 12 comments

    Were Toto right about Africa? Had they even visited Africa? It’s been ages since I published a blog, hasn’t it Dearest Reader? Travel, IT problems, work commitments, the death of my beloved Baldrick – and plain old exhaustion – have...

  • A wedding fit for the King

    May 18, 13 • 10639 views 5 comments

    There was an explosion of noise as the Kabaka arrived for Prince David Wasajja’s wedding at Rubaga Cathedral, Kampala. It’s not every day (week / month / lifetime) that you get an invitation to a Royal Wedding, so what’s a girl to...