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Posts tagged ‘insects’

  • The Kingfisher and me

    Dec 8, 12 • 6089 views 6 comments

    I love this time of day, walking with the dogs before the sun goes down. There’s something in the air tonight. A pair of African Grey parrots fly overhead, squawking all the way to their roost in the big tree behind us. The Ibis congregate on...

  • A day in the life … species by species

    Aug 23, 09 • 3086 views 4 comments

    “Greetings!” as we say in Uganda. We may not have the same change of seasons here as in Europe but the insects and other animal species don’t know that! They come and go in phases. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly you’ll...

  • Ants in my pants

    Jul 23, 09 • 3646 views 9 comments

    It’s been building for a fortnight: a column of tiny black ants marching up and down the tiles behind the toilet cistern, 24 hours a day, the dotted black line slowly becoming a solid black line.Yesterday I noticed ants on my toothbrush. And this...

  • Grasshoppers – nsenene: eat them or smoke them? Discuss.

    Jun 10, 09 • 7933 views 11 comments

    Grasshoppers / nsenene – will you eat them or smoke them? A storm had been brewing since an intensely hot morning and a few drops of rain spattered onto my new umbrella as I walked out of the Buganda Road restaurant. Little did I know what I...

  • Bon appetit Simpson! an introduction to Ugandan foods

    Mar 29, 09 • 3025 views 3 comments

    Simpson, our 21 year old ‘gate boy’ who lives on the compound with me has introduced me to lots of new foods, which is extremely generous considering his shockingly low wages (more about that next week). He’s shared with me:...

  • Dealing with insects (aka Therapy with Simpson)

    Mar 16, 09 • 3513 views 10 comments

    Am getting the upper hand over the mosquitoes. Score is 2:1 to them but I’m fighting back. Last night however, I came eye to eye with a medium sized Unmentionable at the back of my food cupboard. We had the obligatory game of Chase-Me-Charlie...

  • My new pad in Namuwongo

    Jan 22, 09 • 2219 views 3 comments

    My new house has a garden! Really excited about this tho whether it’s what we’d call a garden or concrete yard or bare earth or dog’s toilet or what I have no idea but will take my gardening gloves and a few packets of seeds just...