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Posts tagged ‘expat advice Uganda’

  • Uganda becoming a digital hub

    Dec 16, 16 • 2096 views No Comments

    Welcome to Diary of a Muzungu! This week’s guest post is written by Abigail Morgan. According to an article published on the Africa News web site, Uganda has been named by foreigners as one of the best destinations for expats to work and retire....

  • MASH-tastic! The muzungu’s bus tips from Kampala to Nairobi

    Oct 17, 16 • 23512 views 38 comments

    Taking the bus between Kampala and Nairobi? Try MASH! The brilliant East Africa Tourist Visa and Interstate Pass mean that travel between Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda is easier than ever for nationals and has become easier and cheaper for tourists and...

  • Beware the Travellers’ Health Book! Tropical disease diary

    Aug 23, 16 • 4518 views 4 comments

    Beware the Travellers’ Health Book! Tropical disease diary – Uganda travel health advice from the muzungu Or … “How not to do it” This month I have been bitten by Mango Flies and a spider. I have had Malaria and...

  • Expats in Uganda Magazine amateur photography competition 2015: the winners

    Dec 18, 15 • 4133 views 2 comments

    Uganda is an incredibly photogenic country, and many expats have sharpened their photography skills after coming to Uganda, and taking in the breathtaking range of scenery, the wonderful wildlife and birds, all set to their best advantage by the...

  • How to find an international school in Kampala

    Aug 5, 15 • 8387 views 11 comments

    How to find an international school in Kampala Are you looking for an international school in Kampala? This article gives a quick overview of the different kinds of schools in Uganda’s capital and introduces you to the world-class facilities...

  • How to ride a boda boda

    Jun 6, 13 • 7024 views 9 comments

    Riding a boda boda (motorbike) is all part of the Ugandan experience, but play it safe and minimise the risks. Early morning boda boda ride from Upper Konge in Kampala. In  Uganda, you are never far from the village… although I lived just a...