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Posts tagged ‘entebbe airport’

  • A wedding fit for the King

    May 18, 13 • 10951 views 5 comments

    There was an explosion of noise as the Kabaka arrived for Prince David Wasajja’s wedding at Rubaga Cathedral, Kampala. It’s not every day (week / month / lifetime) that you get an invitation to a Royal Wedding, so what’s a girl to...

  • Sir Winston Churchill’s pearls of wisdom about Uganda

    Apr 15, 12 • 7707 views 13 comments

    Sir Winston Churchill famously said of Uganda: “Uganda is the Pearl of Africa.” I wonder what he would make of how often the 21st-century Ugandan tourist industry quotes his words? At Entebbe airport, visitors are invited to fill in...

  • A short-tempered muzungu flies to Istanbul

    Jul 26, 11 • 4107 views 3 comments

    The overhead screen flips down, up, down and then back up again. Finally it settles to reveal the route we’ll  be flying from Entebbe, Uganda, to Istanbul, over two countries that have been in the news non-stop since my last flight overhead:...

  • Do I just need a holiday?

    Dec 16, 10 • 2253 views 2 comments

    Leaving town for the airport and why, oh ,why does Rashid choose to drive via the Clock Tower in the centre of town? We sit motionless in solid traffic for half an hour. It’s not the delay I mind, we have plenty of time; it’s sitting in the...

  • A bird’s eye view of Uganda – Big Birding Day

    Nov 10, 10 • 5232 views 6 comments

    It seems I can’t get enough of volunteering! So, as Big Birding Day arrived, I was up before dawn to take part in this year’s 24 hour birding race (held to coincide with the World Bird Festival) entered by over 39 teams covering 33...

  • A quick glimpse of Nairobi nightlife

    Nov 29, 09 • 3540 views 3 comments

    “Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats as we approach Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta airport.” I’m slightly apprehensive leaving Uganda as I leave behind the familiarity of the Luganda greetings that I’ve been having such fun...