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Posts tagged ‘elections’

  • The Muzungu stays home – while #UgandaDecides

    Feb 6, 16 • 3426 views 3 comments

    #UgandaDecides is the hashtag dedicated to Uganda’s forthcoming election on 18th February 2016. One thing is for sure, Ugandans have a fantastic sense of humour. I’ve just been rereading a few of my posts written before and...

  • Kampala’s thirsty policemen

    Jul 1, 11 • 2836 views 6 comments

    Why is it that I’ve been stopped twice in two weeks, driving down the same stretch of Namuwongo Road at night? Incident #1 It’s not far from my house to the centre of town. As the (local) Pied Crow flies, it’s probably only a mile...

  • Shotgun wedding – a surreal and intense day

    May 1, 11 • 2463 views 2 comments

    The word surreal is overused. But let me run this scenario past you, and I wonder if you – like me – would feel your brain split down the middle. There’s no way around it, Friday was an intense day. It started off well – we...

  • Election* fever part II – feeling the heat

    Mar 5, 11 • 2464 views 2 comments

    Election season is dragging. No last-minute public holiday announced for today’s local election. Shame, we could have all done with a day off to escape the heat. It’s hot, sticky and dusty. Unusually there is also a strong wind, firing dust...

  • A new start for the Sudanese but ‘same same’ for Ugandans

    Feb 8, 11 • 1628 views No Comments

    Welcome South Sudan! With 98% of the Sudanese voting ‘yes’ to partition of the country, I look forward to a new stamp on my passport. There are nine days to go until the presidential elections here in Uganda. The walls, lampposts and Palm trees...

  • Fun and games at the ballot box

    Sep 5, 10 • 1468 views No Comments

    If “the path to true love isn’t always smooth”, how about the path to democracy? Ugandans would like to say they live in a democracy but if the last week’s events are anything to go by, the country’s not there yet. I...