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Posts tagged ‘dogs’

  • Were Toto right about Africa?

    Sep 1, 13 • 7441 views 12 comments

    Were Toto right about Africa? Had they even visited Africa? It’s been ages since I published a blog, hasn’t it Dearest Reader? Travel, IT problems, work commitments, the death of my beloved Baldrick – and plain old exhaustion – have...

  • How to take your dog from Uganda to the UK

    Jul 31, 13 • 6704 views 5 comments

    How to take your dog to the UK from Uganda This is a guide to taking your dog from Uganda to the UK, based on the personal experience of Adelaine Williams, an expat resident in Uganda. Much of this information will be relevant to international pet...

  • The Kingfisher and me

    Dec 8, 12 • 6089 views 6 comments

    I love this time of day, walking with the dogs before the sun goes down. There’s something in the air tonight. A pair of African Grey parrots fly overhead, squawking all the way to their roost in the big tree behind us. The Ibis congregate on...

  • 50 reasons why I love Uganda

    Oct 6, 12 • 43903 views 61 comments

    As one of the shiny new fighter jets flies over my house, no doubt practising for this Tuesday’s independence day fly-past, I’m mulling over the week-end papers, full of stories about Uganda@50 and what the last 50 years of independence...

  • Down in the slum, after the rain

    Jul 14, 12 • 5843 views 9 comments

      The air is damp and heavy, the air is cool and last week’s fine dusty fine marram earth is compacted beneath our feet. Limbs have been torn off the Pawpaw tree the other side of the compound wall and a single giant leaf, over four metres...

  • Bukasa stand-off, doggy style

    Jun 3, 12 • 4523 views 6 comments

    Morning walks with Baldrick used to be so fun and easy. Percy the puppy is now the same size – but with a brain the size of a pea. It’s not just that he’s a puppy, I’m sure he’s a bit dim. Half kangaroo / half dog, he...

  • Percy the Rescue Puppy – the first 24 hours

    Sep 21, 11 • 4294 views 8 comments

    Within just one day, Percy has snapped two leads, something that Baldrick hasn’t even attempted in two years, has chewed up and destroyed the doormat, several banana leaves and the lower leaves of the avocado tree. Possibly the first time...

  • Early morning sights and sounds

    Feb 4, 11 • 3682 views 7 comments

    A parrot just flew overhead, its unmistakeable call heralding fun. It’s a misty morning but you can tell it’s going to be a bright day. As we walk up Muyenga Hill, a glimpse of Lake Victoria in the distance never fails to lift my spirits. It...

  • Prizes for my “indigenous mix”

    Nov 21, 09 • 2371 views 2 comments

    Baldrick, star of the USPCA Dog Show! From the gutter to the Kabira Club, what a true star my mutt Baldrick is. And what a fantastic advert for the work of the USPCA, the Uganda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Found as a pup...