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Posts tagged ‘Diary of a Muzungu’

  • Touchdown in Africa – a letter home

    Feb 24, 09 • 4368 views 8 comments

    Am writing from a really grubby internet cafe on the main road outside Kampala. We took a half hour walk thru the village to get here, all the kids shouting ‘Mzungu mzungu, bye!’ and waving at us. It was great fun. Poverty is everywhere...

  • Three weeks to go!

    Jan 30, 09 • 1464 views No Comments

    The last four days training have been fantastic, so involving. We’ve all learned so much. Have met some interesting and useful contacts, that include: Alex who worked in Kenya with Kenyan Wildlife Service. His partner Lucy who works in Natural...

  • Read the Independent on Sunday!

    Jan 29, 09 • 4856 views 6 comments

    *STOP PRESS*Have just been interviewed by the Indie.They’ve been running a series on what people do if they get made redundant and VSO came up. This has generated another article on people’s reasons for doing VSO … they wanted to...

  • The Missionary position

    Jan 25, 09 • 3172 views 1 comment

    Hey! Last week I received my passport back from VSO, complete with 3 month Uganda visa. (This gets swapped for an extended one once I’m there). Also received CRB form so all the legal papers are in place. The CRB check is a standard request...

  • Impressions of Uganda

    Jan 22, 09 • 1836 views 1 comment

    Settled down to dinner in front of TV last Sunday to watch a nature programme called Swarms. On came Lake Victoria (5km from where I’ll be living in Kampala). Black flies congregate there to mate once a year – upto a trillion of them! They...

  • Six weeks to go!

    Jan 14, 09 • 1780 views 1 comment

    Six weeks to go and I’ve started packing!! Rob has confirmed he will take on my flat for two years. What a relief! Very first thing in bag is the Union Jack, a spontaneous £2 purchase at Lillywhites yesterday. “You never know when you might...

  • Calm before the storm

    Jan 5, 09 • 1403 views No Comments

    These last two weeks have been great ‘the calm before the storm’ I reckon! Christmas was very relaxing, ‘traditionally English’ (church bells, lots of cosy log fires, snow the day I left the Cotswolds to come back to London)...

  • Welcome! How this blog works … (I think!)

    Dec 22, 08 • 2238 views 3 comments

    Hi All I’m just learning the ropes here with Blogging but thought you might be interested in hearing about my journey ‘pre-departure’. It’s been a fascinating ride so far, thanks to four days intensive training with VSO (getting us to think...

  • Why Kampala?

    Dec 18, 08 • 4854 views 5 comments

    Well I couldn’t say exactly when I started on this journey …. several lifetimes ago it seems … but I applied to VSO Voluntary Services Overseas a year ago, had my assessment day 3 months later and was offered my third placement...