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Posts tagged ‘Diary of a Muzungu’

  • An elephant encounter!

    Jun 24, 12 • 7579 views 5 comments

    We were all excited at the thought of seeing – and touching – a baby elephant. As we arrived, this jolly little creature, with his long, thick eyelashes came trotting along behind his keeper and soul mate Bruce, his carer at Uganda Wildlife...

  • Bukasa stand-off, doggy style

    Jun 3, 12 • 4505 views 6 comments

    Morning walks with Baldrick used to be so fun and easy. Percy the puppy is now the same size – but with a brain the size of a pea. It’s not just that he’s a puppy, I’m sure he’s a bit dim. Half kangaroo / half dog, he...

  • Yes, we have no bananas

    May 27, 12 • 7122 views 19 comments

    Bananas are Uganda’s favourite fast food. They require no preparation, no refrigeration – and they’re cheap; just reach out your arm and you’ll find one – in villages, along the roadside, in the corner shop and balanced...

  • A ticking off – ringing birds in Kibale Forest

    May 7, 12 • 7929 views 24 comments

    According to Roussouw, “Kibale Forest harbours the greatest variety and concentration of primates found anywhere in East Africa.” Well, thumbs up to that. Kibale is where the muzungu saw her first wild Chimpanzee, and the apparently...

  • Grasshoppers back on the menu!

    Dec 7, 10 • 2102 views 2 comments

    It’s grasshopper – Nsenene season again.Isn’t it funny how that same number of legs and wings in a different configuration can make me alternately scream / jump up and down in the air / want to s**t myself? (If you don’t know what I...

  • Would you be a Ugandan child?

    Jul 9, 10 • 1492 views No Comments

    Ugandan kids are delightful but they live tough lives by Western standards. With the third highest birth rate in the world, kids are everywhere in Uganda. Slung on a hip, being coralled by older siblings or just sitting playing in the dirt, Uganda...

  • Hanging with a baby gorilla!

    Apr 25, 10 • 9462 views 11 comments

    Have you ever wanted to go gorilla trekking in Uganda? Despite working in conservation in Uganda for nearly three years, seeing the gorillas was never top of my wildlife wishlist – I still can’t get enough of Uganda safaris or birding in...

  • A day in the life … species by species

    Aug 23, 09 • 3063 views 4 comments

    “Greetings!” as we say in Uganda. We may not have the same change of seasons here as in Europe but the insects and other animal species don’t know that! They come and go in phases. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly you’ll...

  • Grasshoppers – nsenene: eat them or smoke them? Discuss.

    Jun 10, 09 • 7882 views 11 comments

    Grasshoppers / nsenene – will you eat them or smoke them? A storm had been brewing since an intensely hot morning and a few drops of rain spattered onto my new umbrella as I walked out of the Buganda Road restaurant. Little did I know what I...

  • Dealing with insects (aka Therapy with Simpson)

    Mar 16, 09 • 3491 views 10 comments

    Am getting the upper hand over the mosquitoes. Score is 2:1 to them but I’m fighting back. Last night however, I came eye to eye with a medium sized Unmentionable at the back of my food cupboard. We had the obligatory game of Chase-Me-Charlie...