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Posts tagged ‘cockroaches’

  • The Kingfisher and me

    Dec 8, 12 • 5979 views 6 comments

    I love this time of day, walking with the dogs before the sun goes down. There’s something in the air tonight. A pair of African Grey parrots fly overhead, squawking all the way to their roost in the big tree behind us. The Ibis congregate on...

  • Can we stick with the mammals please?

    Jun 23, 10 • 1356 views No Comments

    I feel sick, I feel excited, I feel sick. What the hell s happening to me? I’m getting excited at the thought of T coming over so set about cooking – for a change. Living on my own has made me lazy and I realise how I miss cooking for...

  • Dealing with insects (aka Therapy with Simpson)

    Mar 16, 09 • 3408 views 10 comments

    Am getting the upper hand over the mosquitoes. Score is 2:1 to them but I’m fighting back. Last night however, I came eye to eye with a medium sized Unmentionable at the back of my food cupboard. We had the obligatory game of Chase-Me-Charlie...