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Posts tagged ‘children’

  • Slumming it, Kampala style

    Jan 28, 12 • 6118 views 11 comments

    Rubbish collection is managed privately in Kampala: you pay through the nose for a private contractor to collect your rubbish once a week. Local people just burn their rubbish, and maybe that’s all the private contractors do? And so, a week...

  • Party with your closest relative!

    Dec 3, 11 • 7173 views 8 comments

    Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary  – the Flagship project for the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) – is fundraising to refurbish the sanctuary enclosure / electric fencing system for the sanctuary. The electric...

  • Kampala to Jinja relay – the sugar cane Hash

    Aug 9, 10 • 5421 views 10 comments

    Map of the Kampala Jinja relay route that gives the quite correct impression that 1) there were indeed lots of hills and 2) our collective blood pressure would rise and fall like the proverbial yo-yo, ending in a slump by the Nile. They came from...

  • Would you be a Ugandan child?

    Jul 9, 10 • 1417 views No Comments

    Ugandan kids are delightful but they live tough lives by Western standards. With the third highest birth rate in the world, kids are everywhere in Uganda. Slung on a hip, being coralled by older siblings or just sitting playing in the dirt, Uganda...

  • Locomotion commotion

    Apr 5, 09 • 2046 views 2 comments

    Thanks for all the emails and sorry if I haven’t replied yet. I will! I write this blog offline but it’s still taking time to download and reply to individual emails and I’m a bit behind this week after submitting my first proposal. Worked on...