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Posts tagged ‘boda boda’

  • Choking through the potholes of Kampala

    Oct 9, 10 • 3277 views 4 comments

    Traffic around Kampala is notorious and getting worse. It’s quite common to turn your engine off as you sit still for 10 minutes or more. Yesterday it took us an hour and a half to drive 3 kilometres / 2 miles, bumper to bumper, in and out of...

  • Driving us potty!

    Aug 8, 10 • 2703 views 4 comments

    I missed seeing this great photo when it was on TV recently (it took me 18 months – and a man – to work out I have more than four channels!) Residents in the Ugandan capital Kampala have been protesting against the state of the roads by...

  • And now the human safari – and all its smells

    Apr 5, 10 • 3851 views 6 comments

    Owino market on a Saturday afternoon is intense. But it’s a friendly place and there’s no need to worry about Neil – accompanying two ladies shopping. “Eh muzungu how are you?” “Which [Premier League] team are you?” all the...