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Posts tagged ‘Birds of East Africa’

  • Why visit Uganda? Dispelling a few myths

    Feb 24, 16 • 6109 views 10 comments

    Why visit Uganda? #VisitUganda When I tell people in Europe that I live in Uganda, they may have heard of the country, but they are not really sure why. Why live in or visit Uganda? “Is that guy still there?” People ask me vaguely. Sometimes...

  • Operation Shoebill: Uganda’s Big Birding Day 24 hour race

    Nov 22, 14 • 6706 views 4 comments

    Operation Shoebill: first-hand experience of Uganda’s Big Birding Day annual 24 hour bird race at Mabamba Bay So why precisely have I got up well before dawn – on a Saturday – to drive for three hours in a cramped minibus to sit in an old...

  • Bird watching on the Kazinga Channel – a 21st century Safari!

    Sep 3, 14 • 6946 views 5 comments

    Bird watching: a 21st-century Safari! Kazinga Channel, Queen Elizabeth National Park Have you noticed that the more Safaris you go on, the smaller the animal that catches your eye? It could be the butterflies or the reptiles; for some it’s even...

  • Messing about on the River Nile. A week-end at The Haven, Jinja

    Mar 25, 14 • 9387 views 8 comments

    A week-end at The Haven, Jinja – accommodation on the Nile A cursory look at The Haven’s visitor’s book tells it all: full of compliments from first time, second time – even ninth time! – visitors. Just outside Jinja, The...

  • Assertiveness Training for Women Birders

    Feb 17, 14 • 2308 views No Comments

    Assertiveness Training for Women Birders by Lorna Salzman Regular Diary of a Muzungu readers know how crazy I am about birds. Thanks to Lorna Salzman for allowing me to publish her great article Assertiveness Training for Women Birders . I found it...

  • I love birds!

    Oct 17, 13 • 5551 views 6 comments

    Diary of a Muzungu is proud to be a sponsor of Big Birding Day 2013, supporting the next generation of birders in Uganda. How many birds will you see at Big Birding Day 2013? Bigger and better than ever, help us beat last year’s record...

  • The Muzungu’s travel highlights of 2012 – Uganda travel blog

    Jan 12, 13 • 6656 views 6 comments

    The Muzungu’s travel highlights of 2012 – Uganda travel blog Life in Uganda has tested me in many ways and 2012 was ‘challenging’ as we say around here – but I’m still here ‘living the dream’ (on a...

  • The Kingfisher and me

    Dec 8, 12 • 6212 views 6 comments

    I love this time of day, walking with the dogs before the sun goes down. There’s something in the air tonight. A pair of African Grey parrots fly overhead, squawking all the way to their roost in the big tree behind us. The Ibis congregate on...

  • Be part of something BIG!

    Oct 16, 12 • 3490 views 2 comments

    The Uganda Kob and the Grey Crested Crane adorn the country’s crest  – (which bird will replace it in 20 years time when the bird is extinct?) “Birding@50” focuses on the plight of Uganda’s national symbol, the Grey...

  • A disgusting day out

    Aug 24, 12 • 15758 views 18 comments

    Looking for things to do around Kampala? Visiting the abattoir might not be top of every vegetarian’s wish list, but that didn’t stop Alex and I looking forward to the day out at the slaughterhouse, as part of Nature Uganda‘s...