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Posts tagged ‘Conservation’

  • Grasshoppers back on the menu!

    Dec 7, 10 • 2118 views 2 comments

    It’s grasshopper – Nsenene season again.Isn’t it funny how that same number of legs and wings in a different configuration can make me alternately scream / jump up and down in the air / want to s**t myself? (If you don’t know what I...

  • It’s Hip to be a Hippo

    Jun 27, 10 • 3352 views 1 comment

    Protecting the hippos of Queen Elizabeth National Park One of the greatest attractions in Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) are the hippo. Whether in the Ishasha River,  the Kazinga Channel, Lake Edward, Lake George – or all the smaller...

  • Hanging with a baby gorilla!

    Apr 25, 10 • 9502 views 11 comments

    Have you ever wanted to go gorilla trekking in Uganda? Despite working in conservation in Uganda for nearly three years, seeing the gorillas was never top of my wildlife wishlist – I still can’t get enough of Uganda safaris or birding in...

  • A fiery start to an “amazing” Safari

    Mar 30, 10 • 2545 views 4 comments

    The days starts far too early: and as we push through Kampala’s heavy early morning traffic we read that Kampala’s Kasubi Tombs, the main historical site of Uganda’s Buganda tribe, has been raised to the ground. Speculation abounds and...

  • How do you catch a house gecko?

    Nov 10, 09 • 1959 views No Comments

    The house gecko living in my bathroom is getting fatter and fatter by the day. My nice white walls are peppered with little black droppings. There’s no way Mr Gecko will fit back through the thin gap by the window frame. His greed for...

  • Cholera outbreak in Nam’

    Oct 8, 09 • 6370 views 9 comments

    It’s been raining heavily all day. The gutter is falling off the front of the house (not that the landlord cares) and Eva has a poloneck jumper on “It’s so COLD!” she says, while I sit here in the same light clothes and sandals I always...

  • My ‘new’ new life

    Sep 24, 09 • 2203 views 3 comments

    Q: what gets stared at more than a mzungu? A: a mzungu with a dog! I feel I’ve been out of touch recently, suffice to say things are very definitely on the up, after a difficult couple of months. Delighted to report: • I have a dog! • Making...

  • A day in the life … species by species

    Aug 23, 09 • 3087 views 4 comments

    “Greetings!” as we say in Uganda. We may not have the same change of seasons here as in Europe but the insects and other animal species don’t know that! They come and go in phases. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly you’ll...