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Archive for the ‘Lake Victoria’ category

  • “Eyes turned upward” – aerial photos of South Western Uganda

    Mar 4, 14 • 8691 views 11 comments

    “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned upward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), painter, artist, engineer &...

  • The Muzungu’s travel highlights of 2012 – Uganda travel blog

    Jan 12, 13 • 6523 views 6 comments

    The Muzungu’s travel highlights of 2012 – Uganda travel blog Life in Uganda has tested me in many ways and 2012 was ‘challenging’ as we say around here – but I’m still here ‘living the dream’ (on a...

  • Be part of something BIG!

    Oct 16, 12 • 3408 views 2 comments

    The Uganda Kob and the Grey Crested Crane adorn the country’s crest  – (which bird will replace it in 20 years time when the bird is extinct?) “Birding@50” focuses on the plight of Uganda’s national symbol, the Grey...

  • 50 reasons why I love Uganda

    Oct 6, 12 • 42353 views 61 comments

    As one of the shiny new fighter jets flies over my house, no doubt practising for this Tuesday’s independence day fly-past, I’m mulling over the week-end papers, full of stories about Uganda@50 and what the last 50 years of independence...

  • Bukasa stand-off, doggy style

    Jun 3, 12 • 4505 views 6 comments

    Morning walks with Baldrick used to be so fun and easy. Percy the puppy is now the same size – but with a brain the size of a pea. It’s not just that he’s a puppy, I’m sure he’s a bit dim. Half kangaroo / half dog, he...

  • Early morning sights and sounds

    Feb 4, 11 • 3667 views 7 comments

    A parrot just flew overhead, its unmistakeable call heralding fun. It’s a misty morning but you can tell it’s going to be a bright day. As we walk up Muyenga Hill, a glimpse of Lake Victoria in the distance never fails to lift my spirits. It...

  • Jinja Jan and a sneak preview of an amazing new lodge

    Aug 31, 10 • 3290 views 8 comments

    My finances had dried up and I wasn’t looking forward to staying in all week-end with only 10,000 shillings (£3) to survive on until payday this week. After only 3 sessions, the English conversation class I’ve been giving has been put on hold....

  • A lazy week-end in Kampala marked 18 months in-country

    Aug 24, 10 • 1869 views 2 comments

    Another hangover, another powercut, o yes it must be Sunday morning … the dog’s lying on the floor by the front door staring at me, reminding me it’s time for his morning walk. Working from home has made me lazy – it’s hard to believe...

  • Can we stick with the mammals please?

    Jun 23, 10 • 1390 views No Comments

    I feel sick, I feel excited, I feel sick. What the hell s happening to me? I’m getting excited at the thought of T coming over so set about cooking – for a change. Living on my own has made me lazy and I realise how I miss cooking for...

  • Locomotion commotion

    Apr 5, 09 • 2131 views 2 comments

    Thanks for all the emails and sorry if I haven’t replied yet. I will! I write this blog offline but it’s still taking time to download and reply to individual emails and I’m a bit behind this week after submitting my first proposal. Worked on...