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Archive for the ‘travel health’ category

  • Beware the Travellers’ Health Book! Tropical disease diary

    Aug 23, 16 • 3580 views 2 comments

    Beware the Travellers’ Health Book! Tropical disease diary – Uganda travel health advice from the muzungu Or … “How not to do it” This month I have been bitten by Mango Flies and a spider. I have had Malaria and...

  • How to avoid Malaria

    Jul 6, 13 • 15662 views 3 comments

    How to avoid Malaria When I was a VSO volunteer, I was given a whole list of vaccinations (15 injections in total!) and a free supply of anti-Malarials, in the belief it was cheaper to medicate me than to repatriate me! I took the anti-Malarials...

  • Ethiopia calling me – from my sickbed

    May 2, 11 • 13726 views 7 comments

    Two days before I fly to Ethiopia, and I’m lying in bed with a temperature. I’ve a bed in Addis Ababa and someone to pick me up to the airport – but I still haven’t got a plane ticket. Some mix-up at the bank. My debit card was...

  • Cholera outbreak in Nam’

    Oct 8, 09 • 5757 views 9 comments

    It’s been raining heavily all day. The gutter is falling off the front of the house (not that the landlord cares) and Eva has a poloneck jumper on “It’s so COLD!” she says, while I sit here in the same light clothes and sandals I always...

  • Advice from Nursie…

    Jan 30, 09 • 1443 views 1 comment

    First day on training course, focusing on health and security, and not sure whether it was nerves or excitement but when I was asked to introduce myself to the group, my mind went blank! I couldn’t remember where I’m going!! A few...