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Archive for the ‘Travel tips and advice’ category

  • Grasshoppers – nsenene: eat them or smoke them? Discuss.

    Jun 10, 09 • 7774 views 11 comments

    Grasshoppers / nsenene – will you eat them or smoke them? A storm had been brewing since an intensely hot morning and a few drops of rain spattered onto my new umbrella as I walked out of the Buganda Road restaurant. Little did I know what I...

  • Bon appetit Simpson! an introduction to Ugandan foods

    Mar 29, 09 • 2976 views 3 comments

    Simpson, our 21 year old ‘gate boy’ who lives on the compound with me has introduced me to lots of new foods, which is extremely generous considering his shockingly low wages (more about that next week). He’s shared with me:...

  • The First Fortnight (is that all it is…?)

    Mar 8, 09 • 2502 views 2 comments

    Random notes from the Muzungu’s Diary First night under a mosquito net and I thought of Holly in Johannesburg, tucking hers in around her every night. Holly and I were flatmates in London many moons ago, she did VSO too. Monkeys! Before...

  • Advice from Nursie…

    Jan 30, 09 • 1682 views 1 comment

    First day on training course, focusing on health and security, and not sure whether it was nerves or excitement but when I was asked to introduce myself to the group, my mind went blank! I couldn’t remember where I’m going!! A few...