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Archive for the ‘politics’ category

  • #UgandaisnotSpain – first published in 2012

    Jun 17, 12 • 3596 views 5 comments

    #UgandaisnotSpain Er … we knew that. The American showman, entertainer and sometime scam artist, Phineas Taylor Barnum (1810 – 1891) was remembered for founding his famous circus and for a number of well-known sayings, such as...

  • Kony2012 and what it means for Uganda – the Muzungu’s view

    Mar 11, 12 • 5735 views 9 comments

    The 64 million views (as of today) of Invisible Children’s videos on YouTube are a marketer’s dream come true. Isn’t it a goddam shame that it’s always the bad stories that are popular? And isn’t it a tragedy that...

  • Save Mabira Forest! we can live without sugar

    Sep 3, 11 • 4108 views 6 comments

    To everyone’s horror – but few people’s surprise – the President has decreed that ‘the degraded part’ of this ancient and fabulous forest, protected under international law, should be cut down. And for what crucial development project?...

  • Election* fever part II – feeling the heat

    Mar 5, 11 • 2464 views 2 comments

    Election season is dragging. No last-minute public holiday announced for today’s local election. Shame, we could have all done with a day off to escape the heat. It’s hot, sticky and dusty. Unusually there is also a strong wind, firing dust...

  • A new start for the Sudanese but ‘same same’ for Ugandans

    Feb 8, 11 • 1628 views No Comments

    Welcome South Sudan! With 98% of the Sudanese voting ‘yes’ to partition of the country, I look forward to a new stamp on my passport. There are nine days to go until the presidential elections here in Uganda. The walls, lampposts and Palm trees...

  • Erection* fever

    Feb 1, 11 • 3800 views 2 comments

    Every monday evening I run through the slums and wetlands of Kampala, through the traffic or across the golf course, in and through the lives of thousands of Ugandans along with 150 fellow Hashers. Dr Ian Clarke, founder of Kampala’s...

  • Justice in the balancing act – Owino Market Kampala

    Jan 17, 11 • 3253 views 4 comments

    Owino Market (St Balikuddembe) and the surrounding markets in downtown Kampala have more clothes than I’ve ever seen in my life. Imagine London’s Oxford Street, Petticoat Lane, the biggest Marks and Spencer you can find and Primark:...

  • Fun and games at the ballot box

    Sep 5, 10 • 1468 views No Comments

    If “the path to true love isn’t always smooth”, how about the path to democracy? Ugandans would like to say they live in a democracy but if the last week’s events are anything to go by, the country’s not there yet. I...

  • Jinja Jan and a sneak preview of an amazing new lodge

    Aug 31, 10 • 3299 views 8 comments

    My finances had dried up and I wasn’t looking forward to staying in all week-end with only 10,000 shillings (£3) to survive on until payday this week. After only 3 sessions, the English conversation class I’ve been giving has been put on hold....