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Archive for the ‘Diary of a Muzungu’ category

  • Last days as a volunteer . . .

    Sep 18, 11 • 1828 views 1 comment

    “Watch that binge drinking!” warned Mum, on our last phone call. Fact is, I’m making up for the binge working I’ve been doing recently: trying to tie up my last projects with UCF, recruiting and training my replacement, and looking for a...

  • Early morning sights and sounds

    Feb 4, 11 • 3675 views 7 comments

    A parrot just flew overhead, its unmistakeable call heralding fun. It’s a misty morning but you can tell it’s going to be a bright day. As we walk up Muyenga Hill, a glimpse of Lake Victoria in the distance never fails to lift my spirits. It...

  • Prizes for my “indigenous mix”

    Nov 21, 09 • 2367 views 2 comments

    Baldrick, star of the USPCA Dog Show! From the gutter to the Kabira Club, what a true star my mutt Baldrick is. And what a fantastic advert for the work of the USPCA, the Uganda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Found as a pup...

  • Count yourself lucky

    Oct 24, 09 • 3328 views 6 comments

    This week we’ve been busy: straining to glimpse African Presidents flying overhead in their Chinooks and swerving off the road as the Presidential motorcades plough past, to and from the African Union meetings being held in Kampala. It makes me...