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Archive for the ‘anti-poaching’ category

  • Anti-poaching: the answer’s in the gumboots!

    Mar 14, 10 • 2937 views 6 comments

    Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers will soon, for the first time ever, have a permanent base in the Dura sector, an area of 400km² north of Lake George in Queen Elizabeth National Park, thanks to the Uganda Conservation Foundation, the organization...

  • Out of town …Kampala riots far away

    Sep 10, 09 • 3092 views 6 comments

    Woke to the sound of birds (and possibly a baboon!) this morning, at the Uganda Wildlife Authority hostel on the Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth National Park. A fantastically beautiful place tho the accom is very basic: only 1 tap works, the...

  • Not forgetting why I’m really here …

    Aug 7, 09 • 2379 views 5 comments

    There’s no point in pretending: I’m really behind with work and I’m not going to get it all done in the next hour it takes for Mike (UCF’s Founder) to drive from the airport. Kati, time for a bit of blogging … Kati is the Luganda word for...

  • While the cat’s away….

    Jul 6, 09 • 2186 views 2 comments

    … the rats play ….   Apparently they don’t have mice in Uganda. Their mice look like English rats, only a lot smaller … (so isn’t that a mouse then?!) God I’m glad this work week’s over …. knee is not...