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Archive for the ‘safari’ category

  • Not forgetting why I’m really here …

    Aug 7, 09 • 2378 views 5 comments

    There’s no point in pretending: I’m really behind with work and I’m not going to get it all done in the next hour it takes for Mike (UCF’s Founder) to drive from the airport. Kati, time for a bit of blogging … Kati is the Luganda word for...

  • While the cat’s away….

    Jul 6, 09 • 2186 views 2 comments

    … the rats play ….   Apparently they don’t have mice in Uganda. Their mice look like English rats, only a lot smaller … (so isn’t that a mouse then?!) God I’m glad this work week’s over …. knee is not...

  • Off to the field

    Jun 30, 09 • 3889 views 11 comments

    Tuesday night is market night and the drums are playing loud on the other side of the compound wall, just a few metres away. From here you can feel the city growing as we hear hammering and banging as the shanty town next to the railway line...

  • “Living above the shop”

    May 28, 09 • 3850 views 7 comments

    The past few weeks’ adventures have been great but hope I haven’t done all the best trips already?! Time to get on with some more work… [Larking about in front of the house, taking photos for the compnay web site!] People...