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Archive for the ‘Hash House Harriers’ category

  • Africa Hash, Ethiopia – Magnificent Tissisat Falls

    May 12, 11 • 3910 views 5 comments

    Monday: the Hashiest day of the week. The breakfast promised ‘as soon as we get out of Addis’ was actually brunch several hours later. I ate the best scrambled eggs ever and the Ethiopians shared tibs and injera. I noticed how everyone ate only...

  • Africa Hash, Ethiopia – Feeling irie in Addis Ababa

    May 10, 11 • 6184 views 7 comments

    Of a forecast 50+ Kampala Hashers, about half that number slowly dripped into Addis Ababa for Africa Hash 2011, mpole mpole ‘slowly by slowly’ all the way – one of them arrived on Sunday morning. Seriously guys, that’s a lot of...

  • Ethiopia calling me – from my sickbed

    May 2, 11 • 14582 views 7 comments

    Two days before I fly to Ethiopia, and I’m lying in bed with a temperature. I’ve a bed in Addis Ababa and someone to pick me up to the airport – but I still haven’t got a plane ticket. Some mix-up at the bank. My debit card was...

  • Erection* fever

    Feb 1, 11 • 3782 views 2 comments

    Every monday evening I run through the slums and wetlands of Kampala, through the traffic or across the golf course, in and through the lives of thousands of Ugandans along with 150 fellow Hashers. Dr Ian Clarke, founder of Kampala’s...

  • Modelling condoms on World AIDS Day

    Dec 1, 10 • 2881 views 2 comments

    To commemorate the significance of World AIDS Day, this week Kampala Hash House Harriers baptised me … “Used Condom.” SIGH … as the momentum to give me my ‘Hash Handle’ grew over the last few weeks, so I sought the shadows of the weekly...

  • Kampala to Jinja relay – the sugar cane Hash

    Aug 9, 10 • 5633 views 10 comments

    Map of the Kampala Jinja relay route that gives the quite correct impression that 1) there were indeed lots of hills and 2) our collective blood pressure would rise and fall like the proverbial yo-yo, ending in a slump by the Nile. They came from...

  • The new Kampala post-11/7

    Jul 22, 10 • 2429 views 1 comment

    Evacuation from the bar before either team had scored was the last thing we expected as we watched the World Cup Final that fateful evening in Kampala, July 11th. “What is it with the 11th day of a month?” people keep asking. We’d been...

  • Just for the Hash of it

    Jun 27, 10 • 2721 views 3 comments

    Luckily the chalk marks along the route were reliable for a change. In my dash out of the house to take Baldrick for his Rabies jab, I’d forgotten my trainers so there I was sliding about in the size 12 deckshoes T’s lent me as Baldrick pulls me...

  • A one minute pitch in the car park

    Feb 15, 10 • 2215 views No Comments

    How timely, just as I’m getting into developing UCF’s Marketing Strategy, fate literally deals me a blow! Me and my car keep running into bother recently, quite literally last Monday when I reversed into a car parked right up my **** But it was...

  • A quick glimpse of Nairobi nightlife

    Nov 29, 09 • 3527 views 3 comments

    “Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats as we approach Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta airport.” I’m slightly apprehensive leaving Uganda as I leave behind the familiarity of the Luganda greetings that I’ve been having such fun...