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Author archives: the muzungu

  • Read the Independent on Sunday!

    Jan 29, 09 • 4854 views 6 comments

    *STOP PRESS*Have just been interviewed by the Indie.They’ve been running a series on what people do if they get made redundant and VSO came up. This has generated another article on people’s reasons for doing VSO … they wanted to...

  • Training week in Birmingham

    Jan 29, 09 • 1794 views 2 comments

    In grey and drizzly Birmingham this week for VSO training. With girls and boys heading off to: the Philippines (to project manage ISO type accreditation of a hospital on one of 18,000 islands and run an audit – Clare there’s a job for...

  • The Missionary position

    Jan 25, 09 • 3169 views 1 comment

    Hey! Last week I received my passport back from VSO, complete with 3 month Uganda visa. (This gets swapped for an extended one once I’m there). Also received CRB form so all the legal papers are in place. The CRB check is a standard request...

  • Five weeks to go

    Jan 22, 09 • 2046 views 3 comments

    Had 8th and 9th injections (Hep B + 2nd rabies). Dr B. seems quite interested in what I’m doing for VSO (because I’m paying her cash for the injections?) Ooh so cynical (but she would only accept cash so it does make me wonder …) I can...

  • My new pad in Namuwongo

    Jan 22, 09 • 2205 views 3 comments

    My new house has a garden! Really excited about this tho whether it’s what we’d call a garden or concrete yard or bare earth or dog’s toilet or what I have no idea but will take my gardening gloves and a few packets of seeds just...

  • Impressions of Uganda

    Jan 22, 09 • 1835 views 1 comment

    Settled down to dinner in front of TV last Sunday to watch a nature programme called Swarms. On came Lake Victoria (5km from where I’ll be living in Kampala). Black flies congregate there to mate once a year – upto a trillion of them! They...

  • Thanks Staples

    Jan 16, 09 • 1243 views No Comments

    Would you believe it …? Start of the year and I’m carrying THREE diaries round with me … last year’s one and two 2009 ones… wrote all the entries in for January, only to turn page and end up slap bang in the middle of May! Of...

  • Six weeks to go!

    Jan 14, 09 • 1777 views 1 comment

    Six weeks to go and I’ve started packing!! Rob has confirmed he will take on my flat for two years. What a relief! Very first thing in bag is the Union Jack, a spontaneous £2 purchase at Lillywhites yesterday. “You never know when you might...

  • Point of no return!

    Jan 8, 09 • 1410 views No Comments

    Handed in notice! GULP! But my boss was really cool about it. As planned, we had the end of year appraisal and when she asked “is there anything else you’d like to discuss?” I said I was giving in my notice as I’m off to...

  • Calm before the storm

    Jan 5, 09 • 1400 views No Comments

    These last two weeks have been great ‘the calm before the storm’ I reckon! Christmas was very relaxing, ‘traditionally English’ (church bells, lots of cosy log fires, snow the day I left the Cotswolds to come back to London)...