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Leaving home for a new life in Uganda . .  battling with insects . . field trips to the Bush .. the challenges! the frustrations! .. the incredible beauty of the Pearl of Africa and travels around East Africa… with Diary of a Muzungu | Uganda travel blog

For a potted history of my adventure so far, start here.

These are just a few of the highlights (or sometimes low points!)

Why Uganda? Did I choose Uganda or did Uganda choose me?

Touchdown Africa the endless packing is finally over!

Week 2 in Namuwongo how am I coping?

D day D is for …?

Living above the shop not.always.easy

Off to the field my first Safari!

Ants in my pants insects EEEEH!

Out of town, Kampala riots far away hiding in de bush

Count yourself lucky putting my little gripes in perspective

An amazing 365 days my first year in Uganda

Fiery start to an amazing trip farewell Kasubi Tombs, hello Neil!

Human safari and all its smells Owino market on a Saturday

Just for the Hash of it – the drinking club with a running problem

How do you deal with an elephant in your garden? Discuss!

A lazy week-end in Kampala riots + MP in my care = trouble!

Power off – who gives a dam(n)?

A bird’s eye view of Uganda – Big Birding Day 2010 but did we win?

Do I just need a holiday? something’s got the better of me!

Early morning sights and sounds why I may stay here forever…

Erection fever Ugandan elections (I’m not being rude – honest!)

Lest you think I’m just sunbathing in paradise STRESS!

Shotgun wedding – a surreal and intense day

Ethiopia – Feeling irie in Addis Ababa heaven, Hash House Harrier-style

A short-tempered muzungu flies to Istanbul grrrrr!

Bwindi – eye to eye with my totem why the Red Tailed Monkey?

Still counting myself lucky! 2 years on … looking back…

The real ‘boda boda’ – Nagawa travels sidesaddle into Kenya

Check out the Muzungu’s Best of 2011! but what do you actually DO?

A place to write? Kibale Forest, western Uganda

Sir Winston Churchill’s pearls of wisdom about Uganda

A ticking off – bird ringing in Kibale Forest but a ticking off for what?

Can you play the xylophone? community tourism is cool 🙂

Want to trek Rwanda’s gorillas? The Eye Magazine Rwanda lodge review

A disgusting day out counting vultures in Kampala’s abattoirs!

How to feed a baby elephant aw cute! but the truth is shocking…

50 reasons why I love Uganda marking 50 years of Uganda’s independence

Are Muzungus all rich? the debate continues!

The Muzungu’s travel highlights of 2012 no wonder I’m tired…

A Royal Wedding the Muzungu gets an invitation…

No hurry in Africa – bus Kampala to Kigali unexpected drama en route!

On my knees again an audience with the King of the Bunyoro Kingdom

Rwanda’s Kwita Izina, gorilla naming ceremony, inspirational!

Were Toto right about Africa? What a load of codswallop

Safari to the centre of the solar system a total eclipse in Uganda!

Why do Muzungu women like dating Rastas? you did ask!

Shake your kabina! A musical, dancing tour of Uganda shake it baby

Crossing continents – the Muzungu’s Istanbul city tour

5 Years a Blogger – and some thank yous

Aerial photos of South Western Uganda magic!

My kind of club? Launch of The Explorers Club in Uganda

Ron Rutland’s rollex-fuelled bike tour of Uganda when do we leave… ?

Bird watching on the Kazinga Channel – a 21st century Safari!

Why do I Blog? Life Lessons from a Self-Confessed Blogaholic

Operation Shoebill: Uganda’s Big Birding Day 24 hour race

Mandela and Me. A homage to Nelson Mandela

“Eating fish” on Lake Victoria, Kampala – the Muzungu’s guide

How many islands before breakfast? Gorilla Highlands Adventure, Pt. 1

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