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Search Results for "conservation"

  • #RwenzoriDiary week one – commitment!

    Jun 20, 17 • 468 views 2 comments

    I’m committed now. You have it in writing. There’s no going back – only up! I don’t know when and I don’t know by which route; I don’t know who is coming with me, nor do I know which obstacles I’ll find on...

  • Nairobi National Park. The muzungu’s first city safari!

    Apr 17, 17 • 1321 views 2 comments

    A city safari in Nairobi National Park. An early morning game drive to match any safari in the bush! It seemed weird to leave our four-star city hotel and drive through commuter traffic for an early morning safari. Usually, it’s a question of...

  • Sundowners, star-gazing & tales from the bush. A weekend at Nile Safari Lodge

    Mar 14, 17 • 1444 views 3 comments

    There’s a cool breeze coming off the Nile tonight. My banda at Nile Safari Lodge is open-netted on three sides. Set on stilts above the riverbank, it is airy and spacious. Banda 3 has a wide veranda overlooking the river. The two-tone noise...

  • Chinese tourism in Uganda – opportunity or threat?

    Jan 17, 17 • 4146 views 10 comments

    Chinese in Uganda: tourism opportunities and conservation threats Welcome to Diary of a Muzungu! This week’s guest post is by Sandra Rwese, a brilliant Ugandan entrepreneur who I first heard speak at a Nature Uganda public talk in Kampala....

  • Rwanda

    Oct 6, 16 • 0 views 5 comments

    The Muzungu’s top reasons for visiting #RemarkableRwanda 1 – Go mountain gorilla trekking in the Virunga mountains, northern Rwanda. I have written extensively about gorilla tracking in Rwanda. Click on the links for more information or...

  • Kenya

    Oct 6, 16 • 0 views 3 comments

    The Muzungu’s top 10 reasons for visiting #MagicalKenya    I LOVE Kenya – for a hundred – THOUSAND – reasons! But let’s just start with ten … – 1. Kenya is the home of the classic African safari and the...

  • Kenya’s dazzling marine life: where to snorkel in Watamu

    Aug 17, 16 • 4874 views 9 comments

    Kenya’s dazzling marine life: where to snorkel in Watamu Seventh Heaven isn’t up in the sky, it’s here in the warm Indian Ocean waters of Watamu, Kenya, an hour and a half drive’s north of Mombasa. This is the Muzungu’s guide...

  • Why Kenya’s ivory burning makes sense #worthmorealive

    Apr 29, 16 • 3720 views 1 comment

    The ivory burning in Nairobi National Park, Kenya and what it means. This weekend sees a historic conservation event: the burning of the biggest ever number of elephant tusks and rhino horn. This week Uganda stands shoulder to shoulder with our...

  • Why visit Uganda? Dispelling a few myths

    Feb 24, 16 • 4531 views 10 comments

    Why visit Uganda? #VisitUganda When I tell people in Europe that I live in Uganda, they may have heard of the country, but they are not really sure why. Why live in or visit Uganda? “Is that guy still there?” People ask me vaguely. Sometimes...

  • Where to travel in Uganda & East Africa in 2016 – the Muzungu’s plans

    Jan 2, 16 • 3517 views 5 comments

    Where to travel in Uganda & East Africa in 2016 Happy New Year, dear Diary reader! As we wave goodbye to 2015, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU / WEBALE / ASANTE SANA to everyone who’s read, talked about or voted Diary of a Muzungu...