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Search Results for "conservation"

  • How private patrols support Bugoma Forest conservation

    Jul 20, 17 • 764 views No Comments

    As regular Diary of a Muzungu readers will know, conservation brought me to Uganda. I continue to support a number of conservation organisations including the Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF), Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), NatureUganda,...

  • Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

    Dec 10, 17 • 0 views No Comments

    Mgahinga Gorilla National Park -a gem in an unspoiled corner of Uganda Approaching Mgahinga and the Virunga volcanoes from Kisoro. From left are: Mount Muhuvura, Mount Gahinga and Mount SabinyoMgahinga Gorilla National Park is Uganda’s smallest...

  • Uganda’s National Parks – An Introduction

    Dec 10, 17 • 0 views Comments Off on Uganda’s National Parks – An Introduction

    Uganda’s National Parks Within living memory, elephants wandered across three quarters of Uganda. These days the larger mammals are mostly confined within Uganda’s protected areas: the National Parks and Forest Reserves managed by the Uganda...

  • Rwenzori Mountains National Park

    Dec 10, 17 • 0 views No Comments

    Rwenzori Mountains National Park – a snowball fight on the Equator? Rwenzori Mountains National Park is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. According to the Uganda Wildlife Authority, “Rwenzori Mountains National Park...

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park

    Dec 10, 17 • 0 views No Comments

    Queen Elizabeth National Park – more bird species than any other African national park! Queen Elizabeth National Park straddles the Equator and is dominated by lakes and waterways. Set on the floor of the Rift Valley, the park is surrounded on...

  • Semliki National Park

    Dec 10, 17 • 0 views No Comments

    Semliki National Park – “half as many species of bird as the entire Congo” Semliki (or Semuliki) is most popular for its Central African character, its outstanding birdlife and the famous Sempaya Hot Springs. Semuliki National Park...

  • Murchison Falls National Park

    Dec 10, 17 • 0 views No Comments

    Visit the spectacular Murchison Falls! Take the boat ride to the Bottom of the Falls. Experience the thundering water under your feet at the Top of the Falls! Murchison Falls National Park is named after the spectacular waterfalls, the undoubted...

  • It’s nsenene all the way: grasshopper road trip to Fort Portal

    Nov 30, 17 • 2148 views 4 comments

    A rainy season journey: nsenene grasshopper road trip to Fort Portal Our dawn departure from Kampala is marked by streaks of pink and orange daybreak filtering over Port Bell and Lake Victoria. Houselights twinkle in the darkness. Kampala is so...

  • “Vintage is elegance” – classic cars & fashion at the Kampala Sheraton

    Aug 18, 17 • 1063 views No Comments

    In case you missed it! Highlights from the 2017 CBA Uganda Classic and Vintage Auto Show Do you love the cars of a bygone era? East Africa has a surprisingly diverse auto collection to show you! The gardens of the Kampala Sheraton were the perfect...

  • Tanzania

    Aug 12, 17 • 0 views 1 comment

    The Muzungu’s top reasons to travel to Tanzania, the ‘soul of Africa’ It’s taken me a long time to finally visit Tanzania. There is so much that is familiarly East African, yet so many charming delights that are uniquely...