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Chasing chimps in Kibale? Then the Bee Hive Bar & Bistro is your next stop!

Feb 26 • 250 views • 7 Comments on Chasing chimps in Kibale? Then the Bee Hive Bar & Bistro is your next stop! Uganda

The Bee Hive Bar & Bistro at Bigodi only opened last year and is already a hit amongst travellers, tourists and locals.

The Bee Hive is conveniently located directly opposite the Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary, along the newly surfaced Fort Portal to Kamwenge Road. You can’t fail to miss the big brown and honey-coloured striped building!

Bee Hive Bar Bistro Bigodi

It’s always good to bump into tourism colleagues on the road! Tour operator Timothy Kintu was eating lunch with safari clients on a recent visit to The Bee Hive. Pictured with us is New Vision journalist Arthur Mwenkanya Katabalwa

Looking for a restaurant near Fort Portal? Or somewhere to hang out between chimp tracking in Kibale Forest and Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary Walk?

Just five minutes’ drive from Kanyanchu (the meeting point for tracking chimps in Kibale National Park), The Bee Hive is a great stopover for coffee, tea or cold drinks after tracking the chimpanzees. The reasonably priced restaurant menu includes local favourites like pumpkin soup, goat stew and rolex (omelette in a chapati in case you haven’t tried one yet) as well as international dishes, beers and decent wines. On a previous visit, I really enjoyed tucking into the spaghetti bolognese (goat of course!)

rolex breakfast Bigogi Kibale

The Bee Hive serve delicious rolex. The chapati are well-cooked. Click on the image to read my blog “The humble rolex – celebrating Uganda’s uniqueness”

If you’re a sports fan, The Bee Hive has a pool table with regular pool competitions. You can also watch sports and international news on their 50″ screen and satellite TV. (The Bee Hive is the only venue in the area with a back-up generator back-up – so you won’t miss any of the TV action).

Bee Hive Bigodi bar restaurant Kamwenge Fort Portal

My family LOVED The Bee Hive! We stopped here for cold drinks after doing the Bigodi Swamp Walk

View from the upper floor of The Bee Hive. Bigodi Swamp is pictured to the left of the Fort Portal Kamwenge road

Bee Hive Bigodi bar restaurant Kamwenge Fort Portal

Time for a cold beer at The Bee Hive – one of the few places in the area to have a back-up generator to ensure drinks are cold and ice-cream is even colder!

As the name hints, The Bee Hive also sells honey that is harvested from beehives positioned on the boundary of Kibale National Park to deter elephants crossing to peoples’ land. I love these kinds of projects, as regular blog readers will remember from my days as a volunteer in elephant and community conservation. (Honey is such a great present to buy for folks back home).

group lunch, Bee Hive Bigodi

The Bee Hive is suitable for groups and small private meetings (10 – 30 people). There is plenty of off-road parking too

Gorilla Conservation Coffee. The Bee Hive Bigodi

Morning coffee is served on the upper floor of The Bee Hive. Profits from the sale of Gorilla Conservation Coffee support farmers in Bwindi. This in turn helps protect the gorillas and their fragile habitat. You can even buy bags of freshly ground coffee to take home

Bee Hive Bigodi bar restaurant Kamwenge Fort Portal

A great place to hang out with friends after a spot of birdwatching. The Bee Hive is right opposite the KAFRED community walk at Bigodi

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, I recommend The Bee Hive for good wholesome food, cold drinks (make mine a beer), coffees (Gorilla Conservation Coffee, of course!) ice-cream and a fab view of the countryside. Outside tourist lodges, The Bee Hive is the only restaurant and bar in the area that caters for both local and international tastes.

TIP: If you’re travelling in a group, or want to hold a private meeting call Peter the Manager on +256 787 357 717 or 0781 515 957 to reserve your tables.

How to find The Bee Hive

The Bee Hive is midway between Fort Portal and Kamwenge, about 4 km south of Kanyanchu Tourist Centre. To be honest, you can’t miss it! It’s 38 km from Fort Portal and 3.5 km from Sunbird Hill.

For latest updates from the Bee Hive, like the Facebook page.

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7 Responses to Chasing chimps in Kibale? Then the Bee Hive Bar & Bistro is your next stop!

  1. Lizziema says:

    The pictures bring back happy memories of last Christmas at Sunbird Hill with Julia and the delicious Christmas lunch! After our trek and sadly not seeing the 7.5 metre python we were very happy to arrive at the Beehive before our onward long journey. And I bought seven pots of honey which didn’t leak in my suitcase coming home. However I did wrap them up well in polythene bags just in case. We were really quite off the beaten track (apart from the new piece of road) and still managed to have a cappucino!
    You have described everything very well and the waitress was as nice as she looks. Go try it out and see for yourself, it was such a welcome break on a hot day albeit I had excellent homegrown coffee!

  2. […] along the new Fort Portal to Kamwenge Road, the Bee Hive Bar & Bistro opened mid-2017. The reasonably priced menu at this great little restaurant and bar has local […]

  3. Andy says:

    Good info.
    I was born and raised in Uganda but have not been to any of these places.
    Thanks for fillingup my bucket list.

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