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Kony2012 and what it means for Uganda – the Muzungu’s view

Mar 11 • 5839 views • 9 Comments on Kony2012 and what it means for Uganda – the Muzungu’s view Africa, Kampala, Northern Uganda, politics, Society and culture, Uganda

The 64 million views (as of today) of Invisible Children’s videos on YouTube are a marketer’s dream come true.

Isn’t it a goddam shame that it’s always the bad stories that are popular?

And isn’t it a tragedy that Uganda is always in the news for the wrong reasons?

Eh banange!


The #kony2012 and #makekonyfamous debate is fascinating BUT before I go any further, can I please say loud and clear: Uganda ‘The Pearl of Africa’ is still a beautiful, secure and welcoming place with the friendliest people you could hope to meet. I feel safer living here – three years without incident – than I did in London.

The 20 year civil war in Northern Uganda is officially over – tourism is predominantly in the south-west of the country –  although the North will take generations to rebuild. Many thousands of people are trying to rebuild their lives. Many won’t manage it; the emotional and physical scars are too deep (especially for children who have been kidnapped, sexually assaulted and forced to become killing machines).

Joseph Kony is evil.

His crimes against humanity are undisputed. But why has he remained at large for so long?

As comedy-writer-turned-Kony-expert Jane Bussmann argues in the Huffington Post this week there has to be a reason why Uganda’s 40,000 strong army don’t seem to be able to track down him and his rag tag bunch of kid soldiers.

It goes without saying that it’s good this issue is being discussed but let’s not kid ourselves that a video will necessarily lead to anything substantial. Last year I was offered an interview to work with Invisible Children. I turned it down but, to be honest, was impressed with the way they seek to draw in young people who had no awareness of this side of the world.

Joseph Kony 2012 Video: ‘Stop Kony’ Campaign Draws Criticism

Here are a few real things you CAN do:

1. Do read Jane’s superb book: well-researched and hilarious by equal measure (throw in a touch of bonkers!)

The Worst Date Ever: or How It Took a Comedy Writer to Expose Africa’s Secret War
The Worst Date Ever: or How It Took a Comedy Writer to Expose Africa's Secret War

Jane Bussmann – The Worst Date Ever: or How It Took a Comedy Writer to Expose Africa’s Secret War

2. US citizens should read Jane’s article for how to lobby their Senator.

3. Jane is coming to  MishMash in Kampala on 20th April to do her BRILLIANT stand-up show. Come and hear the real story about Kony – and why he’s still creating mayhem and wrecking lives across East and Central Africa.
4. Do come to Uganda #VisitUganda2012 – tourism is the country’s no. 1 foreign exchange earner: this developing country needs visitors, and I heartily recommend it.

Pssst! I found him! Someone should let the UPDF (Ugandan army know) Did a quick online search just now:

Looking for Joseph Kony? Kony is on Facebook. Sign up now!

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9 Responses to Kony2012 and what it means for Uganda – the Muzungu’s view

  1. Robert says:

    First and foremost, Kony is evil and must be captured or killed whichever is possible. However seeing what this video has done to Uganda’s image, I am not sure this was the best way to go about it. I am currently travelling in the northern hemisphere and I see first hand the effects of this video on Uganda’s image today. Our impoverished country had just started to rebuild it’s image among tourists (travellers) and then it suffered this. Every time I say ‘Hi I am from Uganda’, I receive responses like ‘Oh dear’, ‘my, my, there is some s**t going on there now’. Point No.4 in your blog has to be drummed up and emphasised. Like I usually say, the only time I have ever seen someone being mugged right before my eyes was in Barcelona, Spain and I have been to most of the cities known to be notoriously violent. Please come and visit Uganda, what you see in #Kony2012 happened about 7-8 years ago.

    • the muzungu says:

      Thanks for your comment Robert. This morning the whole campaign took a curious turn with the arrest of Jason Russell / Invisible Children, so I’m hoping the media coverage will take a positive turn… at least he’s come down off his high horse.
      I did have one positive thought last week from Jane Bussmann: she believes that the average visitor to Uganda will do their research before they come anyway, and find out the real Uganda is nothing like what Jason & Co. portray it to be.
      Check out the video on my Facebook page – the people of N Uganda are not happy!

  2. lizziema says:

    Well, I have so many comments, but I will leave them till I next see you in 17 days!!!!!!

  3. grandson says:

    jajja is that your new boyfriend in the 4to of march 17th 2012 on the topic of kony2012


    • the muzungu says:

      Eh! my grandson you are lost!
      Kati kati – my new boyfriend?
      Now you listen to your Jajja: go back to your studies or finish to sweep the compound. Now you are disorganising me!

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