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Lonely Planet votes Uganda No. 1 for 2012!

Nov 2 • 5693 views • 7 Comments on Lonely Planet votes Uganda No. 1 for 2012! Africa, East Africa, Lonely Planet, Travel, Uganda

Lonely Planet Uganda: Lonely Planet votes Uganda No. 1 for 2012!

This is my shortest post ever – the title says it all!

I’m so delighted to be part of something that is helping promote the beautiful country of Uganda, and her fabulously warm and welcoming people. I’ve been voting for Uganda every day since I arrived two and a half years ago.

Diary of a Muzungu has been appearing on Lonely Planet, as part of the travel bloggers’ Blogsherpa programme  since 2009.

Diary of a Muzungu Lonely Planet Featured Blogger

Yes! “The Diary” featured on Lonely Planet for four years

“We go, we go, Uganda – WE GO!”

Read the short review on Lonely Planet here:

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel: top 10 countries for 2012 – the results

 The Uganda Kob and the Grey Crested Crane adorn the country's crest

Jebale bassebo! Jebale banyabo! “Well done!” as we say in UG.

Here is what the Lonely Planet judges wrote about Uganda in 2011:

“It’s taken nasty dictatorships and a brutal civil war to keep Uganda off the tourist radar, but stability is returning and it won’t be long before visitors come flocking back. After all, this is the source of the river Nile – that mythical place explorers sought since Roman times. It’s also where savannah meets the vast lakes of East Africa, and where snow-capped mountains bear down on sprawling jungles. Not so long ago, the tyrannical dictator and ‘Last King of Scotland’ Idi Amin helped hunt Uganda’s big game to the brink of extinction, but today the wildlife is returning with a vengeance. This year Uganda also celebrates the 50th anniversary of its independenceKampala, one of Africa’s safest capital cities, is bound to see off the event with a bang. Still, Uganda still isn’t without its problems. Human rights abuses aren’t uncommon, and the country breathes a collective sigh whenever President Museveni thinks of another ruse to stay in power for a few more years. But now, as ever, explorers in search of the source of the Nile won’t leave disappointed.”

To read some of my favourite blogs about Uganda read The story so far.

What is the muzungu doing in Uganda anyway? Interview with the muzungu

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7 Responses to Lonely Planet votes Uganda No. 1 for 2012!

  1. tumwijuke says:

    Almost a week after I read this story in the news, I still can’t believe it.

    I love my country. I swear! But really ….?

    • charliebeau says:

      Yes it’s true! Uganda has such potential – truly welcoming people, wildlife, landscapes, some great lodges, lots of activities, a great base to explore the rest of E africa ….. but is UG ready for the influx of tourists???

  2. Name Michellep says:

    Uganda is the best. I’ve miss it since I step on board the jet flight back to the US. I have to go back, it’s not an option. I traveled to Uganda, as a single woman. I was welcomed, and never in fear of anything. These are the most wonderful, joyfull people I have ever come to know. I spend 60 glorious days in and around the Kabale area, and came to believe in the wonderful gift of humanity again.

    • charliebeau says:

      It’s amazing how many people feel the same Michelle! Many of my volunteer friends have extended their stays or come back, to work or just to visit. Of course many Ugandans want to go to the US! The West has many opportunities but you certainly won’t get the same welcome. Joyful, a great word to describe Ugandans! I just love the way everything gets turned into a reason to have a good laugh 🙂

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