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Percy the Rescue Puppy – the first 24 hours

Sep 21 • 4393 views • 8 Comments on Percy the Rescue Puppy – the first 24 hours dogs, Kampala, Uganda

The Muzungu with Ronald and two puppies

Percy and brother - 'fresh' (and stinking) from the drainage ditch, where they had been abandonned

Within just one day, Percy has snapped two leads, something that Baldrick hasn’t even attempted in two years, has chewed up and destroyed the doormat, several banana leaves and the lower leaves of the avocado tree.

Possibly the first time he’s seen all of these things? (He waved his Get Out of Jail Free card yesterday) (or is he just a little Fokker?) He was born beginning of June, so I guess he’s teething and trying out his new teeth.

He’s very happily trotting around the compound after Baldrick, who has been giving him the cold shoulder most of the day.

It was sad to split the two surviving puppies, but I can’t have three dogs. (I told Ronald to keep reminding me of this!) I thought it best to leave the pretty one behind because he’ll have more chance of being housed.

Percy and Baldrick

Baldrick inspects the new arrival who was wedged under the car seat

He did seem more hyperactive as well, whereas Percy was immediately submissive and affectionate so should be an easy first puppy for me – I hope!

Ronald bundled him up and put him in the car. He didn’t make a sound, although it did take Ronald a few minutes to yank him out from underneath the passenger seat when we got home! First thing Ronald did was put him on the lead and drag him round to the outside tap for a good shampoo (he did whiff). No sooner was he clean and glossy then he lay down in a big puddle of course. I think he enjoyed the warm water, although it must seem very strange to him: the smell of the shampoo and all the different sounds out in the big wide world. I wonder what he thought of the loud Sunday afternoon drumming from the slum?


A nice clean puppy! Don't you love those white socks?

Percy glugged down his bread and milk in seconds, giving me shifty looks, daring me to take it, racing against the clock. I guess that’s a hangover from life at the USPCA – there were 83 hopeful dogs in there yesterday! They’ve done a fantastic job with him. Two months ago he, we delivered him and his brother and sister to Alex the vet. The puppies had severe mange, anaemia, allergy to fleabites and had to be quarantined. One died. They were rolls of skins on bare bones; their transformation is incredible. Unfortunately, there are few facilities or money for neutering animals, hence this situation is very common.

Sunday morning, Baldrick seemed off his food. I had to call him over and point his nose into his breakfast.

Percy, on the other hand, has no problem eating! He spent his first night in the warmth of the garage. He squeals and whines a bit if you close the door on him, but soon shuts up.


Three scared little puppies had to be quarantined for treatment first.

I tied him up under a tree after breakfast, so he can start getting to use the toilet area. Within minutes I could hear him run round the back of the house. While Paul mended the yellow and black lead, I tied Percy up using the purple one. Just one minute later, I hear the sound of the chain again as little puppy bounds round the back of the house with a second snapped lead!

I just stood staring at him for couple of minutes, I couldn’t believe this tiny puppy had broken free. Incredible – those teeth again. I gave up at that point – well, I rang Dog Trainer Extraordinaire Ronald. He suggested a chain and luckily for me, he came round to sort Percy out.


I found them in a carrier bag, covered in flies.

There was incredibly loud squealing and yelping earlier, I ran outside to see Baldrick standing over Percy, leaning on him. Not sure exactly what happened, whether it was just heavy-handed play or amateur dramatics.

Later this evening, general whining turned into incredible yelping and I steamed outside to see Percy had wrapped himself tightly around the tree (the toilet training post), had one paw stuck between trunk and metal chain, and was half strangled. For a second, I thought he’d choked to death!

I ran out of patience, locked him in the garage and can now hear plaintive howling! I wonder if Paul – in the room right next to the garage – will get any sleep tonight?!

See the full puppy rescue story in pictures (some of the photos are quite shocking).


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8 Responses to Percy the Rescue Puppy – the first 24 hours

  1. lizziema says:

    Oh dear seems worse than having a baby around! Baldrick has rather spoilt you as he has such a lovely nature Percy maybe a naughty one! Early days though…good luck!

  2. Mariah says:

    Hello! My name is Mariah and I am a freshman in college at a school in the US. I am taking a class on peace corps and worldly cultures, and if you could answer a few of my questions, I would love to hear what you have to say!
    Why did you decide to go into Peace Corps? What do you do in the community in which you live? Did you have trouble adjusting to the culture? been shocked by anything? Do you live with a family? /

    Thank you so much!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Update: Percy’s settled in well (chewing through leads, doormats & shoes!), the and 2nd surviving puppy’s been adopted. It took 3 months of treatment to cure their mange so 2 out of 3 survival rate is not too bad I guess.
    My lovely chilled-out Baldrick has turned into a bit of a bully! He’s certainly showing Percy who’s top dog! But has become a much better guard dog (more protective of me) because of it.
    Just one day after I finally took Percy home from the USPCA, I came across two even smaller pups, possibly a day or two old, with no bitch in sight. I didn’t pick them up, but vowed I would if they were the next day. They were – but they were dead.
    You have to draw the line somewhere – you can’t rescue everyone, as tempting as it is. Certainly as a volunteer, you have to ask yourself the question: what will happen when I’m not here anymore? Just proves that local people have to find solutions to their problems, that outside help can and should only ever be temporary.

  4. Have decided Percy (the one at the back in the group shot) is half dog/half kangaroo: bounce bounce
    – so much energy.
    Love the little bugger, despite his eating:
    Nora’s shoes (her first day working for us)
    Alex’s brand new phone recharger (the first day he brought it to work)
    Simpson’s best work shoes
    My tyre cover!
    A jerry can
    A brush
    His new blanket
    A cactus plant!

  5. […] Percy the Rescue Puppy – the first 24 hours also introducing you to my very good friends Simpson and Ronald […]

  6. Bree says:

    Your dog Percy is quite a handful!
    I couldn’t agree with you more, we as Ugandans need to devise means of solving our own issues instead of leaving our national responsibilities to other nations and their people.
    I am hoping that as a Ugandan myself I get to do more for the community am leaving in.

    • the muzungu says:

      Percy is now a country dog – chasing cows in Masaka! I miss him – but had to rehouse him when I shifted to a smaller house.
      Good luck with your community projects!

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