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Last days as a volunteer . . .

Sep 18 • 1836 views • 1 Comment on Last days as a volunteer . . . dogs, East Africa, Kampala, Travel, Uganda, Volunteering

“Watch that binge drinking!” warned Mum, on our last phone call.

Fact is, I’m making up for the binge working I’ve been doing recently: trying to tie up my last projects with UCF, recruiting and training my replacement, and looking for a job. I’ve always felt there are lots of opportunities in Uganda, but when I found out freelancing wouldn’t be as easy as I thought ($1500 for a year’s work permit), and I realised in two weeks’ time I may be homeless – as opposed to simply being a penniless volunteer! – I had to pull my finger out and submit a few job applications.

It’s strange to think that I won’t be a VSO volunteer by this time next month. VSO has been my reason for coming here in the first place, and it’s been the link between me and so many people here. It’s been a wrench when many of my VSO friends have gone back home, one of the reasons I threw myself into being Cluster Chair for Kampala volunteers. It seemed like a good way of reconnecting with VSO.

“Dr Rasta” has left his placement at Mulago Hospital and headed off to Mengo, where they call him “the Nigerian Doctor”. He’s neither but at least they appreciate him  at Mengo. Last week a grateful patient invited him to his home where they killed and cooked a chicken especially in his honour.

I miss him and he’s still in the country.

Damn that Jamaal – his songs always make me cry. 

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One Response to Last days as a volunteer . . .

  1. […] “He must like women,” Steve comments. “He’s never let me get this close before,” he says, sounding slightly put out. (I can’t help but smile at my luck for such a close encounter!) Steve has lived a stone’s throw from Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest for months. We are fellow VSO volunteers. […]

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