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Human Wildlife Conflict – in my bedroom

Jan 30 • 1356 views • No Comments on Human Wildlife Conflict – in my bedroom Africa, Conservation, human wildlife conflict, Kampala, Travel, Uganda, Volunteering

We are living through an extreme period of mosquitoes. It’s also incredibly hot. On Friday night I killed 30 mosquitoes in my little bathroom. On Saturday night, much the worse for wear, I staggered around and killed a mere 20 before giving up and seeking refuge under the net before I quickly started snoring.

House Gecko

Every house needs a Gecko

Last night I wasn’t quite so lucky. I didn’t notice the sound of the mosquitoes until I turned out the light. Then they seemed to be everywhere. The noise was so loud they distracted me from sleeping. At one point I was actually scared; scared that if I was to put the light on I would see an angry black swarm around my bed. The noise can be very misleading – there may only have been three of them.

Today I took action! I threw open the curtains and the hanging covering the bookshelves and sprayed the hell out of them all. I felt guilty afterwards: the spiders and geckos have been my friends, even though the geckos do make me jump sometimes. Will I now have the smell of a dying gecko to find? It seems so unfair; they and I are on the same side after all, hunting down mosquitoes.

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