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Carrots, cabbage and eggs

Mar 14 • 1662 views • No Comments on Carrots, cabbage and eggs Africa, African food, East Africa, Kampala, Society and culture, Travel, Uganda

Vegetarian option on a local menu stated simply: cabbage, carrots and eggs.

I called the waiter over. “So sebo [Sir] can you tell me a bit more about this dish please?”

He looked at the menu carefully and said “Yes madam, it is cabbage, carrots and eggs.”

“Thank you sebo. But can you tell me how it’s prepared please? For example, does it have herbs? Are there some other ingredients? How is it cooked?”

He walked off to the kitchen to ask the chef and returned a few minutes later. He stopped ten feet from our table and bowed slightly towards us. He then announced seriously “Yes madam. It is cooked.”

“Yes, but how is it cooked?

As tantalising as it sounded, we didn’t go for the veggie option that night.

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