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A one minute pitch in the car park

Feb 15 • 2217 views • No Comments on A one minute pitch in the car park Africa, Hash House Harriers, Kampala, Travel, Uganda

How timely, just as I’m getting into developing UCF’s Marketing Strategy, fate literally deals me a blow!

Me and my car keep running into bother recently, quite literally last Monday when I reversed into a car parked right up my **** But it was clearly my fault, I didn’t look behind me.

Upshot of it was the lady driver asked me for 60,000 shillings [£20] to fix the dent in her bumper, which seemed reasonable. Turns out she’s Creative Director for an advertising agency. Alarm bells started ringing and – not one to miss an opportunity – there in the car park I delivered an impromptu one minute pitch on UCF’s successes, our desire to make the charity more sustainable by getting core funding from Ugandan corporate sponsors and Bingo! she’s offered to email our newsletter out to all her clients.

I can see her next ad campaign now: “With a one-off investment of just 60,000 shillings, you too can target corporate Uganda.”

Looks like that’s the Marketing Strategy written then: drive into other cars while sustaining the smallest amount of damage possible. (Our Suzuki’s a wreck anyway).

Obviously the car park of Kampala’s private hospital is a good place to network. Just watch out for me if you’re parked in any of Kampala’s four star hotels.


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