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“The cheque’s in the post ….” apparently

Sep 27 • 11547 views • 13 Comments on “The cheque’s in the post ….” apparently Kampala, Travel, Travel tips and advice

How you deal with a trip to Kampala Road Post Office is a good indicator of how you’re getting to grips with life in Uganda.

Postboxes at Kampala Road Post Office

My weekly disappointment. Isn’t a postbox supposed to contain letters? Postboxes at Kampala Road Post Office

Off to the Post Office in the morning to see whether I have any birthday cards (29th September). I have absolutely no illusions about getting any cards or letters (even though I know some have been posted!) Any I do receive will be a bonus with bloody bells on. Here’s how my trips to the post office go:

Kampala Road Post Office WEEK 1: slight disappointment

“Where’s the letter I’m expecting? Oh well, post must take a while to get to Uganda from the UK …”

Kampala Road Post Office WEEK 2: resigned disappointment

VSO have told me to learn to be patient, so I must be. At least I have some post to look forward to when I come next week.”

Kampala Road Post Office WEEK 3: real disappointment

“What?! I don’t believe it. It’s taken me nearly an hour to get here and still nothing in the postbox.”

Kampala Road Post Office WEEK 4: real disappointment

“For God’s sake, this is starting to annoy me! Dad’s going to be so disappointed I haven’t received his letters.”

Kampala Road Post Office WEEK 5: frustration

“Bollocks. I forgot the post box key.”

Kampala Road Post Office WEEK 6: excitement

“I just know there’s definitely something in there for me!”

Kampala Road Post Office WEEK 7: anticipation  .. followed by confusion .. followed by disappointment
“But …? Damn I should have known … oh well, it’ll turn up eventually.”

Kampala Road Post Office Uganda

A very happy volunteer. Isla opens welcome post – and chocolate!! – sent from friends in the UK

Well I gave up checking the post box months ago but some tips are:

– Write “with God’s speed” or similar (apparently this works!)
– Ask me when I next have someone coming over from the UK (nowhere near as much fun but success guaranteed!)
– The best mail address for me is c/o VSO (VSO staff apparently check the post box every day and I can walk up the hill to collect it rather than go into the – only – post office in town).
– OK just send me an email then!

Kampala Road Post Office Uganda

“Not for dumping” SNIGGER. The box for incorrectly addressed mail inside Kampala Road Post Office Uganda

Birthdays often engender a bit of navel-gazing.

At age 42 I find myself asking:

– Would I have been happier living in a mud hut in the forest with no electricity and no running water?

– Do I really want to play netball ever again? A friend talked me into joining a team at a local community centre. (I was crap first time around).

Why did I buy a tortoise?

See you soon for the answers to some of those questions.

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13 Responses to “The cheque’s in the post ….” apparently

  1. PA says:

    Hi Cha
    So lovely to hear your happy voice this morning and I hope you have a lovely birthday. You are beginning to sell us on East Africa and it won't be long before we shall be getting serious on hotel bookings etc. Whoopee! Baldrick looks and sounds fantastic and I envy you. It was a pity our phone call was washed away by the rain (!) as I was going to tell you that I have put a little birthday money into your account today (allow a week for it to reach your account though). Love you sweetheart. Emailing you later.xxxxxPAxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Liz Kentish The FM Coach says:

    Hi Charlotte

    Sounds like you are continuing to have adventures – you rock! Hope you have a lovely birthday, sending you best wishes for a super day!

    Liz xx

  3. Charlie says:

    Lovely to talk earlier Pa, best line in ages! Rain hammered down so we sat it out in a bar drinking Amarula (South African liqueur) – "o the life of a volunteer tra-la!"
    I can't help but smile when I'm with Baldrick. The tail doesn't stop wagging and he constantly disgusts me with the things he finds and eats!!

  4. Charlie says:

    Hi Liz (Kentish), tx for your lovely message. Had a great day thanks. Postbox was of course empty (!) so I get to celebrate my b'day again another day too! Cha x

  5. Colm Halley says:

    Happy Birthday Charlie…yep Uganda bound November 7th to 10th. I think we have a night in Kampala too. Will let you the night when I know for sure…but yeah, would be great to meet up. Excellent blogging btw.

  6. Jen says:

    Hope you had a good birthday. Just been on your Flickr for a slideshow of your latest photos and what I want to know is, how do the women keep their clothes looking so fresh and bright? lots of love jenxxxxx

  7. Jen says:

    Wow!!! Celebrations!!!!!! I actually fixed why my comments never show up!!! jenxxxxxxxx

  8. Charlie says:

    hey Jen, great to see you online!! what's the trick to showing comments then? (in case anyone else is having same problem).
    Lots of love Cha x

  9. Graham says:

    Sounds like the Royal Mail did a the same great job in setting up the Ugandan Post Office that they did in Malaysia. Much of that was too familiar. Hope you had a good birthday. And don't worry; taking up sports that you couldn't play first time round is typical middle aged behavior. I've started running again, and am wondering if I should start playing the occasional game of rugby. It would probably kill me.

  10. charliebeau says:

    2+ years later … and that particlar parcel from Dad never made it! have very occasional post since then. Mark “educational supplies” for guaranteed delivery!
    My favourite was Mum’s “with God’s speed” and signs of the cross plastered all over the envelope – that one made it thru the system.

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  12. Stephen says:

    This is so awesome! 256 -Uganda! The pearl of Africa

  13. […] town has colonial buildings such as the Post Office style that is common to Kampala, Fort Portal and elsewhere. There is a Public Library […]

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