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D Day …

Apr 19 • 2861 views • 5 Comments on D Day … Africa, East Africa, Kampala, Travel, Uganda, Volunteering

Well there IS more to life in Kampala than insects but boy are they gonna give over and let me tell you some other news? Well no frankly, not this week.

D is for Death
IMPORTANT NEWS! House fumigation done! But fumigation does not involve any kind of smoke or fumes but litres of chemical spray. Not very happy about that – for myself, the boys spraying the house or the environment …. must check it out.

House and drains now cockroach-free for at least three months yeee ha!

D is for DDT
On the same note, headline yesterday “Court throws out DDT case, spraying to resume.” DDT kills mosquitoes (thereby preventing malaria, a very common and sometimes fatal disease) The World Health Organisation overturned a 30 year ban on DDT, I hadn’t realized. According to another site “numerous studies on DDT have shown its environmental persistence and its ability to bioaccumulate, especially in higher animals. Of particular concern is its potential to mimic hormones and thereby disrupt endocrine systems in wildlife and possibly humans.”

D is for Despondent
Was getting down last week at lack of fitness. I don’t even run for a bus anymore (the office is the spare bedroom) and everything had become a real effort; picking my legs up felt like dragging two hefty watermelons and I was getting fed up hear myself moan about it, I just wanted to rest up and eat some more! Lol. I knew I had to snap out of it, as it was starting to knock my confidence plus a group of us are climbing Mt Elgon in four weeks time (eighth highest peak in Africa!)

Luckily, the cold rainy days at the fantastically beautiful Lake Bunyonyi at Easter [see link on Flickr for photos Diary of a Muzungu’s photos on Flickr] made me realise it was just the heat affecting me here in Kampala. A day in the rain at Lake B and I was striding uphill like the old me. What a relief that was. Literally “right as rain.”
To push those negative thoughts out of my head, I wrote a list of ‘positive affirmations’ …and it’s working!

D is for Davina

Positive things I’m doing to keep fit:
– I am only drinking at the week-ends, and then only in moderation
– I am not smoking
– I am going to bed earlier. I am getting up earlier.
– I’m going to aerobics once or twice a week. Sometimes I walk there – uphill– then run home. Even if I take the car, I’m still getting an hour’s exercise (i.e. so don’t beat yourself up over it Charlotte!)
– I’ve done the Davina McCall work-out DVD twice this week
– I am joining the Hash (Harriers) – for the running not the drinking! [First run tomorrow – 5 – 10k, oh god most I’ve done for three months. I can’t back out of it now I’ve told you all – so ask me how it went!]
I am not dwelling on the not-so-positive health/lifestyle things because they are only part of the temporary readjustment.

OK well some might call this last one ‘denial’, but hey whatever works! (Actually people have said right from the off how quickly I’m settling in so I’m probably being impatient with myself …)

D is for don’t you DIG this cricket?!

I’ve been collecting photos of big insects – small insects are annoying; medium ones are scary but when they’re this big they’re FASCINATING!

He was on the porch this afternoon, isn’t he handsome? (Even with one back leg missing).
Simpson walked past as I was lying flat on the ground, eye to eye with him.

(He’s actually about 6 or 7cm long).


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5 Responses to D Day …

  1. lizziema says:

    Hello Charlie, think you are at the homesick stage by the sound of things, but hey you have had a baptism of water and insects and heat if not actual fire. So you’ll be fine when things are sorted. Mind you that run you have just done sounds knackering. Will call tomorrow and hope you have the strength to pick up the phone….

  2. lizziema says:

    Fab photos Cha, but had to get in via the link you sent on hotmail. xx

  3. Charlie says:

    Can’t say I’m homesick sorry Ma, tho you keep asking! lol. With everything being so new, it’s only now that I’m getting the chance to take a step back and realise how far I’ve come (in all the different ways). The advantage of being in the capital is I can get a slice of English life when I need it. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t mind a spring day or a Ploughman’s but there’ll be other times for that again 🙂

  4. Charlie says:

    glad you like the photos! I’m really enjoying taking and sharing them. which sets did you look at? there are a few on there.
    feeling great after yesterday’s Hash, about 6-7km, bloody tough (Kampala is built on hlls!) but a good cheap night out, blog entry to follow. Look fwd to catching up this evening x x

  5. Charlie says:

    Re Bird photo album on Flickr:
    I only took a few of these … there’s a note saying they’re copied from a Tanzanian bird web site.
    These are all birds that I’ve seen and I plan to add more bird photos as I travel round Uganda.
    Pa was very impressed that I’d got so close to take such specatacular shots!! lol

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