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I am fed-up

Mar 13 • 2049 views • 2 Comments on I am fed-up Africa, East Africa, Kampala, Travel, Uganda, Volunteering

  • No internet or office phone, nor promise from provider to solve it any time soon.
  • Feeling fat.
  • Sophie (junior) didn’t turn up to work, nor tell anyone she wasn’t coming in.
  • Patrick isn’t in as his kids have all got malaria.
  • Enid has been telling me about the frustrations of Uganda – inefficiency, protecting their jobs, saying sorry but not trying to address situation, refusing to give name of supervisor, not returning calls, blaming other people etc etc
  • Simpson not here to cheer me up.
  • The sun’s gone in!
  • I have no plans (yet) for the w/end.
  • Ken the painter didn’t understand me when I called to explain he needs to apply damp proof paint on all the walls inside the wardrobe (I haven’t been able to unpack properly yet).
  • It’s Friday the 13th which is cool cos maybe that explains everything?!

    Feel a lot better now I know why I feel pissed off!


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2 Responses to I am fed-up

  1. lizziema says:

    Oh dear some of that sounds familiar. As long as you do something at the wekend you will be fine! Any masterpieces yet? I’d faint if you said yes

  2. Charlie says:

    I have doodled, does that count??

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