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First days in Nam’ – a lesson in Luganda

Mar 1 • 2267 views • 3 Comments on First days in Nam’ – a lesson in Luganda Africa, East Africa, Kampala, Uganda, Volunteering

Talk about “Deepest Darkest Africa!!”

No electricity (or therefore hot water or internet) for first three nights.

Cooked and showered by candlelight (it’s dark here by 7 pm) and no chance to unpack first night, So wondered round in the dark, not knowing what was where, mosquitoes screeching in my ears.

No credit on Ugandan mobile and UK one not working.

It’s probably as well I can’t see what I’m eating (some tomato and egg combination).

Battle against insects

So much for conservation: anything with more than 4 legs must die.

Luganda phrase book is coming in more useful than I’d ever have thought, it’s dead mozzie-scarred back cover testament to a few long evenings!
Have enjoyed giving them a Lesson in Luganda THWACK!

Drums and singing took my mind off mozzies for a moment. The sound was captivating. The village is a hundred yards or so away and with all the windows open sound was coming from every direction, it was like being in a dream. Africa!

“The people they are welcoming you. Did you hear them?” Simpson asked.

Tried writing some of my diary by candlelight too but was getting dive bombed by a mosquito every two minutes.

It’s bloody relentless. Retired to sanctuary of mozzie net for the night …

Introducing Johnny and Julie…

Salvation! Geckos in the house!

Just hope they’re hungry – for mosquitoes.

Gonna just have to get used to the sound of mosquitoes. Thought I was clever bringing earplugs with me, can still hear the ba**ards though with them in! Must’ve killed ten mosquitoes tonight…

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3 Responses to First days in Nam’ – a lesson in Luganda

  1. lizziema says:

    Will we enjoy a holiday with you?

  2. Charlie says:

    don’t you normally?

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