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Read the Independent on Sunday!

Jan 29 • 4996 views • 6 Comments on Read the Independent on Sunday! Africa, East Africa, Kampala, Travel, Uganda, Volunteering

Have just been interviewed by the Indie.

They’ve been running a series on what people do if they get made redundant and VSO came up. This has generated another article on people’s reasons for doing VSO … they wanted to talk to another 6 of us so I volunteered (seems to be a theme….)!

Well no point being in marketing unless you’re a Media Whore (that’s my excuse!) Got the opportunity to mention UCF so fingers crossed it gets a mention. I am supposed to be raising their profile after all so fingers crossed should be brownie points for me 🙂

Only downside is what I will look like (photographer coming tomorrow) with big scabs on my face post-op! Perhaps I should’ve thought this one through …

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6 Responses to Read the Independent on Sunday!

  1. lizziema says:

    You looked positively scab free my dear! What a great spread you got, two whole pages!

  2. Charlie says:

    We all had great fun being interviewed and the UCF Trustees are really chuffed that the charity got a mention. And I looked GORGEOUS (after – ahem – my request for photographer to do some Photoshop on me!!)

  3. […] I’m in Uganda courtesy of VSO who recruit, train and support 1500 volunteers a year in developing countries. We are teachers, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, marketing and business development professionals, IT trainers and a whole lot more. Our remit is to ‘share skills’ building an organisation’s capacity to develop and be sustainable when we return home. […]

  4. […] London student days. It was quite poignant to be with Holly in South Africa for World Aids Day. We both arrived in Africa via VSO. Holly travelled to Africa with VSO ten years ago to work for a tiny HIV/AIDS organisation that she […]

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  6. […] “VSO have told me to learn to be patient, so I must be. At least I have some post to look forward to when I come next week.” […]

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